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Chapter 597: Does She Regret It

“Do you want Shiting to be surrounded by women like Xie Siqi, and then marry one of them under Grandpa Jis coercion” Ling Yutong looked at her.

“Do you really not regret it”

The restaurant was getting quieter and quieter.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and didnt answer.

“I should go to the set,” she said.

“Do you want to head over”

Ling Yutong looked at her and nodded.

Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi were both curious about what they were talking about, but seeing how calm Ye Shengge was, they didnt dare say anything.

When they arrived at the set, Ling Yutong held Little Zhengs hand and chatted with a few familiar friends.

Ye Shengge went to do her makeup, and Lin Qi accompanied Ye Shengge.

Shang Tianyi was a bit bored.

Shang Tianyi then felt someone staring at him.

He immediately recognized that it was the lead cameraman of the crew.

His name was John.

Although he had a beard, he looked good.

Shang Tianyi couldnt help sizing him up.

John got excited and gestured to him.

Shang Tianyi was dazed for a bit and realized that the other party was comparing the room number.

Damn it, these foreigners were too unrestrained.

Shang Tianyi couldnt help glancing at her chest muscles.

Fortunately, Ye Shengge finally came out after makeup, and her first scene started.

Shang Tianyi was immediately invigorated.

Director Chen had been very cautious and hadnt allowed any photos to be leaked.

He was really curious about the story Ye Shengge had taken and how she had performed.

That was also the reason he had come to visit.

The set ofCross was filled with staff of all races.

Because Director Chen Anzhi was Chinese, the Chinese actors and staff in the crew werent discriminated against, but Ye Shengge didnt get much smiles on her first day in the cast.

No one believed that she could compare to a Hollywood A-list movie star.

Some people even guessed that Chen Anzhi had suddenly set the lead actress to be a Chinese woman.

After all, if the lead actress was a European beauty, it wouldnt have affected the expression of the story and theme much.

However, after several months of filming, no one dared to look down on Ye Shengge anymore.

However, after Ye Shengge arrived at the designated position, she didnt immediately get into character like before.

Instead, she stared into the distance as if she was in a daze.

Chen Anzhi told the cameraman to give her some time.

Ye Shengge hadnt expected that she wouldnt be able to get into character for a long time.

She was so distracted that she couldnt concentrate at all.

She couldnt think about the role of An Ran.

It was good that she had parted with Ji Shiting last night, and it was also good that she had talked to Ling Yutong.

She had always been calm.

She thought that she could handle her sadness well and not affect her work, but she was wrong.

She was probably lying to herself.

As long as she thought about how she might have missed that man forever, as long as she thought about how Ji Shiting had returned to Yang City and that they might never meet again, extreme grief and despair kept pulling her down.

Whether it was life or acting, everything seemed to have lost its meaning.

Ling Yutong asked her if she regretted it.

How could she not regret it Perhaps she didnt regret being separated from him, but she regretted not contradicting the man last night.

Even if they were going to break up, she couldnt let him leave with such self-reproach and helplessness.


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