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The living room was enormous, and the breeze felt a bit chilly while it flowed through the window.

Ye Shengge raised her head, looking at the man standing behind the desk.

His face looked all the more handsome under sunlight, which made Ye Shengge hold her breath.

The mans hair was a bit messy.

He had perfectly buttoned his white shirt, which made him more regal and stoic.

He was holding a tablet with his right hand whilst scrolling with his left hand.

His knuckles were distinct and his fingers were slender, and they looked prettier with the backdrop of the high-tech tablet.

Ye Shengges heart pounded faster.

The man put down his tablet as he heard something, then he started to stare at her.

His pupils were dark, but they just made his eyes look aloof and tranquil.

She felt like a prey in his hands.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she struggled to stand straight while being stared at like this.

“Um…” She coughed a little bit, trying to calm herself down.

“About last night… sorry for disturbing you… Im leaving now.”

Ji Shiting looked at her trying to look calm, but he could still sense her fear.

He looked mysterious to her.

“Come over here.” He spoke in a light voice, but it sounded irresistible.

Ye Shengge walked toward him and sat down beside him.

“Just have a look.

If youre satisfied, sign the papers.” The man tapped the desk lightly.

Ye Shengge hadnt noticed the documents until now.

She skimmed through the papers, then she took a deep breath.

“Ji… Ji Shiting” She was almost rendered completely speechless.

“Youre Ji Shiting”

Ye Shengge felt that she was dreaming.

She had had sex with Ji Shiting last night!

Ji Shiting was so mysterious and legendary that he almost sounded like a myth, yet he was so young and good-looking!

She was in deep shock for a long while.

Her eyes popped while her mouth was slightly open, which made her look kind of silly.

However, Ji Shiting was very content with her reaction.

He sipped his coffee and said, “Keep reading.”

Ye Shengge flipped a page and read the formal text of the agreement.

“Get, get married” Ye Shengge stammered.

“You want to marry me”

The man put his cup on the desk, and then he said with his nonchalant while irresistible voice, “Thats right.”

Ye Shengge immediately recalled everything that had happened before.

For example, Mu Yanhuai had mentioned the nameJi Shiting manically many times, and hed been trying to get Corporation T.S.

to invest in their company for a long time.

There would definitely be an interesting scene if he knew the fiancée that he had never given a damn about was marrying Ji Shiting.

Also, that man stood for wealth and power, which made her crazy.

But then, she immediately calmed herself down.

How would this man be attracted to her All they had was a one-night stand.

With Ji Shitings credentials, he could get any woman he wanted.

And besides, she had that annoying birthmark on her face, and she knew only too well that many guys would look away the second they saw her birthmark.

Perhaps he was being nice to sleep with her, but marriage

There had to be a scheme behind this!

She then put the agreement down and said, “Sorry, but I cant sign it.”

Ji Shitings pupils widened a little bit as he hadnt expected her to reject his offer without any hesitation.

His grandpa had been craving a great-grandson for so long, which meant he might do something worse than drugging him if he still chose to stay single.

Which was why he felt that it wouldnt be a bad idea for him to marry the woman lying beside her after he woke up this morning.

At least he didnt hate her scent.

In fact, he loved it.

But how would she refuse him

She begged him to let her stay last night, yet she refused to sign the agreement now

Ji Shiting got a bit upset after seeing how stern the woman was.

He bent his fingers a bit and tapped on the desk.

Every time he tapped on the desk, Ye Shengges heart pounded fiercely.

“I… I just think its a bit of a rush.” Ye Shengge tried to explain herself, but she actually felt very diffident.


The man chuckled in a sarcastic way.

Ye Shengge felt that her hands were shaking as she didnt dare look the man in the eyes.

There were moments when she almost couldnt help signing the papers.

“You can go now.” Ji Shiting finally opened his mouth.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“Any questions” Ji Shiting looked up at her.

“No.” She smiled and stood up immediately.

“Ill leave now.”

She turned around too quickly to balance herself, so her perky buttocks and long legs were revealed through her jeans to that man.

Ji Shitings eyes blazed as he recalled what had happened last night.

Ye Shengge felt a bit embarrassed.

She immediately stood straight, turned around and said calmly, “Sorry.”

The man didnt seem to have heard what she said as he stared at her legs.

Ye Shengge was a bit confused.

Were her jeans dirty or broken

She took a look at her jeans, but she didnt notice anything wrong.

No matter.

Id better leave first.

Ji Shiting didnt look away until she left.

He swallowed hard again, trying to suppress that desire.

Damn it.

On the tablet was the information of that woman.

She was wearing a black jacket, which made her look like a company elite.

Ye Shengge.

He scrolled on the name on the screen, sneered and put the tablet back on the table.


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