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Chapter 612: Jealous of Being More Handsome Than You

Ye Shengge hesitated for a bit and agreed.

Since the other party had already recognized her, there was no point in denying it.

Most importantly, this man might be the first fan she had met, and she didnt want to disappoint him.

She looked at Lin Qi and nodded, “Okay then.

Did you bring your phone Ill ask my assistant to take photos for us.”

“Yes, yes.” The man handed the phone to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi saw how handsome he was, so she took it and took a photo with him.

She smiled and said, “Remember to put on beauty filters for our Shengge.”

The man blushed upon seeing the photo.

“Theres no need for that at all.


Ye is so beautiful.

She looks even better in person than on TV.” He stared at Ye Shengge.

“Youll definitely be famous, Ms.


“Thank you.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Can I have a hug” He opened his arms, looking forward to it.

“Um…” Ye Shengge hesitated.

At that moment, a figure rushed out and pushed the man.

“What are you doing” He was furious.

“Sorry, thats a bit overboard.” The mans voice was polite but firm.

“Please stay away from Ms.


Im Ms.

Yes bodyguard.”

Ye Shengge and Lin Qis eyes widened when they saw who it was.

“Okay then,” the man said.

He then looked at Ye Shengge.

“Ill support you forever, Ms.


He then left.

However, both Ye Shengge and Lin Qi were shocked to see the man who claimed to be Ye Shengges bodyguard.

“Assistant Sun” Ye Shengge blurted out.

“Why are you here”

Sun Ye was also dressed like a tourist, which was very different from how he usually dressed in a suit.

Ye Shengge didnt dare to recognize him.

“Madam… Um, Ms.

Ye.” Sun Ye hesitated for a bit and corrected himself.

“What a coincidence.

Im on vacation here.”

Ye Shengge was a bit disappointed.

She had thought that Ji Shiting would be here since Sun Ye was here, but she hadnt expected Sun Ye to come here alone.

“Thats a coincidence indeed.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Its rare for you to have a break.”

Sun Ye smiled and swallowed his words.

“Humph, if youre here for a vacation, so be it.

Why did you tell Sister Shengges fans that youre her bodyguard and chase her away” Lin Qi was upset.

“Are you jealous that he is more handsome than you”

Sun Ye was dazed for a moment.

“Dont spout nonsense, girl.

That man even wanted to hug Madam… Um, shouldnt we chase someone like that away, Ms.


“Our Sister Shengge is single now!” Lin Qi glared at him.

“Perhaps shes willing to hug her fans.

Youre so troublesome!”

Sun Ye thought to himself, If a strange man really hugged Madam, it would be fine if he didnt see it, but if he didnt care, would the president forgive him

The president had asked him to come to Santorini for a vacation so that he could watch over Madam.

However, Sun Ye couldnt say anything.

He looked to Ye Shengge for help and said, “Ms.

Ye, am I being nosy”

“It doesnt matter.

Just dont do it again.” Ye Shengge smiled sadly and self-deprecatingly.

“After all, Im no longer the wife of the president.”


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