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Chapter 615: Untitled

Ye Shengge hadnt expected that she would lose the right to call that man.

She felt bitter again at the thought.

After hesitating for a long time, she decided to send the email to the public email.

It was good that Ji Shiting didnt see it.

After all, she had an explanation for Shang Tianyi.

She would think of another way if she didnt have enough resources.

It wasnt like she could only ask T.S.

for help.

Ye Shengge wrote an email and sent it to Lin Qi.

She then closed her laptop and went to the set.

It was almost time to get off work in Yang City.

Every day at this time, the assistant would go through the emails in his inbox, pick out some emails that he felt he needed to let the big boss go through, and print them out and put them on the big bosss desk.

There was an email that was a bit unusual today, and the assistant didnt want to bother about it, but he remembered that Assistant Sun had once told him to report everything about Shisheng Studio to the president, so he printed the email as well.

Ji Shiting had just returned to his office after the meeting, and there was a stack of emails printed on the desk.

He flipped through them casually, and he knew how many tags there were, so he read them very quickly.

Then, an email from Shisheng Studio made his eyes sink.

He glanced at the sender and confirmed the senders identity.

The man suddenly chuckled, clenched the paper and read it carefully.

His face sank after reading it.

It was indeed a very formal email.

In the email, she had reminded him that T.S.

Corporation hadnt fulfilled its contract recently, and she had emphasized the future of Shisheng Studio.

Had that woman forgotten the meaning ofShisheng Had she forgotten how many times she had begged for mercy under him

Ji Shiting immediately turned on his computer and logged into the public email he hadnt logged in for ten thousand years.

He then found the email from Ye Shengge.

He sneered.

Late at night, Ye Shengge suddenly recalled the email she had sent that morning.

Although she knew that she wouldnt get a reply, she still logged into her email on her laptop.

There was an unread email from Ji Shiting.

Ye Shengge was a bit surprised, but she wasnt too excited.

She thought it was an official reply from her assistant, which was something like “Ive read it and Ill deal with it later”, so she was still very calm when she clicked on the text.

However, her breathing became irregular upon seeing the content.

Ye Shengge couldnt believe it.

She even rubbed her eyes, but the content didnt change at all.

“On the phone.

You have my number.”

It was signed by Ji Shiting.

Ye Shengges heart pounded.

Although it was just a simple sentence, she knew that Ji Shiting had replied to the email personally.

It had to be him!

Talking on the phone… Since he had asked for it, she didnt feel burdened anymore.

After all, they had been so familiar and intimate before, but now, they were talking in a business-like tone.

Even she felt that it was too cruel and ridiculous.


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