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Chapter 62: Hes So Reluctant Every Time

Ye Shengge was slender, but she looked soft and petite in the mans arms.

She thought she was dreaming, so she stared at him, moved her lips and let him enter.

Ji Shiting kissed her passionately and didnt let her go for a long time.

He panted heavily as he stroked her lips with his fingers.

Ji Shiting didnt want to pursue the cause anymore.

He only needed the outcome.

“Ji Shiting…” The woman in his arms suddenly called his name.

Her voice was hoarse because she had been drinking.

“Umm.” The man gulped as his lips curled.

“What happened”

“I… I regret it…” She mumbled, sounding a little upset.

“I shouldve agreed with him the first time.”

Ji Shiting said calmly, “Agree to marry him”

“Yes…” The woman answered.

“He was forced to marry by his grandpa, so he wanted to marry me, but I refused.”

She then slapped her forehead and said, “Idiot!”

Ji Shiting grabbed her wrist and observed her blushing face, chuckling.

It seemed that she really regretted it.

“Then what do you plan to do” he asked.

“Ive thought of going to his grandpa directly, but Im afraid hell get mad…” Ye Shengge blinked her eyes and mumbled.

“Besides, he probably likes someone.

I wonder if its his ex-fiance.”

“Why do you think he likes someone” Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows.

“Because hes always… very reluctant to sleep with me.” Ye Shengges voice got softer and softer.

“So, I reckon hes doing so to protect… protect someone.”

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed as he pressed his hand on her waist.

“Is he very reluctant”

Ye Shengge mumbled and buried her head in his embrace.

Ji Shiting wanted her to know whether he was forcing her.

However, before he could do anything, the womans phone rang again.

Ji Shiting paused for a second and picked up his phone.

He saw the wordsMu Yanhuai on the screen, and his expression instantly turned cold.

She still refused to give up.

He hung up the call, grabbed the womans thumb, unlocked it and opened her contacts.

He scoffed then deleted the name “Assistant Sun” Next, he added a new contact, keyed in his personal number, and put the phone back on the desk.

Ji Shiting looked down and saw that the woman in his arms had closed her eyes.

She was breathing smoothly and rhythmically.

Had she fallen asleep

Ji Shiting lifted her chin and watched her trembling eyelashes.

The woman looked smart, but she was actually incredibly dumb.

He picked Ye Shengge up and lay her on the sofa.

He then covered her with a blanket watched as her breathing calmed before calling Sun Ye in.

Sun Ye walked in and didnt even look at the woman lying on the sofa.

“Boss.” He lowered his voice.

“Ask them to remove all the dishes on the table,” Ji Shiting said.

“Only leave the proposal that Old Huang left behind.”

“Yes sir,” Sun Ye answered respectfully.

Ye Shengge woke up in a daze.

She couldnt remember where she was.

She remained dazed til she heard the sound of pages being flipped through.

She turned around and saw a well-defined side profile.


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