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Chapter 637: We Are Really A match made in heaven

“Thats sick.” Ye Shengge glared at him.

“Ji Shiting, perhaps you should talk to Dr.


“Yes, youre sick, and so am I.” He smiled in satisfaction.

“Were a match made in heaven.”

Ye Shengge almost burst into tears.

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed.

He held her face and bent down to kiss her.

This time, Ye Shengge didnt reject him, or rather, she didnt have the time to reject him.

However, before the man could touch her lips, a cheerful voice sounded, “Sister Shengge, I got it.


Lin Qi ran out of the convenience store, only to find Ye Shengge in the arms of a tall figure.

She couldnt help covering her mouth.

Lin Qis voice made Ye Shengge come to her senses.

She pushed the man away and said, “I should go back.”

Ji Shiting clicked his tongue.

“Ive said so much, yet I still cant make you waver” Ji Shiting grabbed her hand.

“I thought you would soften up and invite me to your room.”

Ye Shengges eyes widened.

“So your goal is to sleep with me”

“What else” The man looked at her chest.

“What do you think I cant bear to part with Your insides”

Ye Shengge blushed.

Although she wasnt as capable as that man, she wasnt bad either.

She had her strengths too, right Why did he say that she was useless except for her appearance and figure

“Then what do you think I cant bear to part with about you” Ye Shengge retorted.

“Its not because youre Ji Shiting, but because youre very capable!”

The man curled his lips and said, “Im honored.”

Ye Shengge was lost for words.

She would never be a match for that man when it came to being a hooligan.

She lowered her head and said, “I really should go back.

I wont change my mind no matter what you plan to do.

I wont let you touch me either.”

She couldnt help feeling confused at the thought that she might be pregnant.

Ji Shiting stared at her, thinking about the possibility of getting her drunk again.

The man couldnt help feeling heated as he recalled how sweet and obedient she had been that night.

Ye Shengge didnt get a response for a long time.

She looked up and saw the man staring at her.

She felt that he was up to no good.

Ye Shengge couldnt help shivering.

She looked in the direction of the convenience store and said, “Lin Qi, come here.

Lets go home.”

Lin Qi immediately ran over upon hearing her voice.

“Um, Mr.

Ji, please make way…” She said.

The car door was blocked by the two of them.

Ji Shiting smiled, let go of the woman in his arms and took a few steps back.

“Go back and rest early.”

“You too,” Ye Shengge said, but she couldnt help adding, “Ji Shiting, if torturing me can make you happy, I wont have any complaints, but I dont want to torture you.

I want you to be happy.”

“You sound more noble than me.” The man chuckled.

Ye Shengge pursed her lips and didnt argue back.

She looked at him one last time and got into the car.

Lin Qi finally got into the drivers seat and heaved a sigh of relief.

Ji Shiting frowned as the car sped away.

What was that woman asking her assistant to buy at the convenience store at this hour

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