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Chapter 66: T.S.

Is Investing Star Brilliance

Even Mu Yanhuai hadnt expected himself to be so furious if Ye Shengge were to one day leave him.

Perhaps he wasnt just furious about losing an obedient tool, but also because of something else.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Mu Yanhuai stopped walking.

Cheng Fang immediately picked up her phone and handed it to him.

“Its a strange number.”

Mu Yanhuai rubbed his face to calm himself down.

He took the phone and answered, “Hello.”

Mu Yanhuai couldnt have looked more furious after hearing what she had said.

“Are you serious” He breathed heavily.


Corporation is investing in Star Brilliance 200 million”


After Ye Shengge left the Ye home, she took a taxi and unblocked Mu Yanhuais number from the blacklist.

She then sent him a message asking Mu Yanhuai to meet her at the company.

Mu Yanhuai replied after a few seconds.


Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow, then put away her phone and fell into deep thought.

She and Mu Yanhuai held half of Star Brilliances shares each, and she needed Mu Yanhuais consent if she wanted to give away her shares.

How could she make him transfer the shares as soon as possible That was the most difficult issue.

Mu Yanhuai wouldnt give up so easily.

Ye Shengge had been trying to come up with a plan along the way.

If she couldnt, she would have to expose his affair with Mu Xiaoyas affair to force his hand.

With these thoughts, Ye Shengge entered the meeting room.

She immediately saw Mu Yanhuai sitting at the end of the long table, but unlike what she had expected, Mu Yanhuai wasnt angry at all.

Instead, he looked… smug.

He curled his lips and lifted his chin.

He had a slightly crazed and pleased look on his face.

“Youre here” Mu Yanhuai stood up, pulled out a chair for her, and smiled.


Ye Shengge eyed him suspiciously but didnt move.

“I want to apologize to you first.” Mu Yanhuai returned to his seat and sat down.

“My mom was too reckless today.

She almost hurt you.


Ye Shengge then sat down and smiled, “Its alright.

I wont have any contact with her anymore.”

Mu Yanhuai frowned.

“Are you serious, Shengge”

“Of course.” Ye Shengge looked at him calmly.

“Im not kidding.

And Im not saying this out of pique.”

Mu Yanhuai sneered, “If we break up, well break up with each other, but I wont leave Star Brilliance.”

“No problem.

Ill leave,” Ye Shengge said.

“Ill give up my shares.

As my partner, you have priority.

If you dont want it, Ill find someone else.”

Mu Yanhuai hadnt expected Ye Shengge to agree so readily.

“Are you really willing to give up three years of hard work, Shengge”

Ye Shengge curved her lips and said, “So what if I cant You wont leave Star Brilliance, and I have to leave you, so I have to leave Star Brilliance.”

“You have to leave me…” Even though Mu Yanhuai was still soaking in the joy of T.S.

Corporation investing in Star Brilliance, he still couldnt help being irritated.

“Is it because I oppose of your acting”

“You know very well what youve done to me, Mu Yanhuai.” Ye Shengge eyed him calmly.

“I used to be silly, and I always gave you excuses, but recently, I couldnt lie to myself anymore.”

Mu Yanhuais heart skipped a beat upon seeing her stare.

He pursed his lips and sneered, “Okay, I hope you dont regret it.”


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