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After leaving the hotel, Ye Shengge hopped on a taxi and told the driver, “Ming Building.”

She was only slightly relieved after getting into the taxi.

Her heart was still pounding fast.

It wasnt because she was weak, but because Ji Shiting was too strong of a character.

If she hadnt been in the entertainment business for three years, shed have surrendered completely.

As for that weird marriage agreement, it was the right thing for her to say no to it.

She should never mess with someone like Ji Shiting.

The taxi arrived at Ming Building very quickly.

Ye Shengge then returned to her small apartment and finally got to relax a bit.

She recalled the video of Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya which shed played in the prize-giving ceremony yesterday.

She had kept her phone off for more than ten hours already, and she felt that shed been isolated from the world, but it felt fantastic.

Ye Shengge knew for sure that they mustve been lots of people calling her since last night, but she didnt want to answer them at all.

She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

The birthmark on her right cheek was still there, and it even looked brighter.

Ye Shengge was kind of dejected seeing that, but at the next second, she was dazed.


She looked at the mirror every day, and she couldnt have been more familiar with the shape and the size of that birthmark.

She was one hundred percent certain that the birthmark looked smaller than before.

She couldnt help rubbing her eyes and getting closer to the mirror, then observing her face for a long time, after which her heart started to pound fast.

It had gotten smaller, and it wasnt a hallucination!

What does that mean

That meant the birthmark could wither away completely one day, and she would be rid of all the restraint coming from that birthmark! That meant she could finally be in front of the camera and realize her dream!

Her blood was about to boil thinking about that.

But wait…

Why hasnt the birthmark changed at all in the past, yet it got smaller today

What did she do last night

Ye Shengghuo frowned and thought about it for a while, and then, her eyes popped.


Slept with a man for the first time yesterday…

Thats right! That has to be it! Thats got to be the reason why the birthmark shrank! That has to be it!

Ye Shengge felt exhilarated as shed been in despair for so long.

Shed never expected that the birthmark would be similar to the virginity mark from the ancient legend.

And more importantly, could she just get rid of it by sleeping with any guy, or did it have to be Ji Shiting

If it was the former case, then everything would be perfect, but if it had to be Ji Shiting…

She got upset thinking it might be the second case.

She regretted it so much that she wanted to pound her head against the wall.

Why hadnt she signed the marriage contract If she did, she would have a perfect excuse to sleep with him, and perhaps that birthmark would be gone completely very soon!

But now…

Ye Shengge was in dismay just thinking about how indifferent that man was.

Would Ji Shiting be willing to give her a second chance

Even if Ji Shiting was to agree, it would be almost impossible for her to see him again given his status.

Her hope was crushed harshly.

She couldnt just find a random man to test her assumptions on.

Ye Shengge knocked the mirror with her head.

But for what it was worth, she had finally found a potential solution to that birthmark.

Her eyes immediately shone, contrary to how shed felt several minutes ago when shed been all confused about her life.

Now, she finally had a clear goal, which was to sleep with Ji Shiting!

And also, she needed to make Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya pay back everything they owed her.

She knew that a sex tape was far from enough to destroy him based on what she knew about Mu Yanhuai.

Ye Shengge then walked to the living room and picked up her phone.

Right after she turned on the phone, all of her notifications popped up.


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