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Chapter 77: The First Dance

Ye Shengge felt faint listening to their conversation.

Ye Siyan Selected internally Was that girl insane

She looked towards Ye Siyan, and as she expected, she was holding the number tag and talking about something smugly.

The way she looked at Ye Shengge was filled with jealousy and contempt.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

And at that moment, she saw a chubby figure.

She was thrilled when she noticed that person!

Wasnt that Vice President Zhou, who was in charge of the media affairs under T.S.

Corporation That was her target tonight!

Ji Shiting had told her that he would arrange for a subordinate to deal with their collaboration.

Thus, she had done some research on T.S.

Corporations personnel and she found that Vice President Zhou was the most likely candidate, so she very much wanted to talk to him.

After all, Mu Yanhuai had been invited to tonights party, so Ye Shengge didnt know what Ji Shiting had up his sleeve.

She had to try her best to establish a deal before T.S Corporation collaborated with Star Brilliance.

Ye Shengge looked down at her number tag, 11.

That meant that she would dance with the man who got the number 11 tag later.

Ye Shengges eyes lit up.

She didnt know what number Vice President Zhou got.

But if they were to dance, wouldnt he have to listen to her till the dance finished


In the study room on the second floor, Ji Shiting played with the number tag in his hand.

He had a solemn look on his face.

“Theres a girl who looks like a clown down there.

Its been said that shes selected internally, and its strange.

Her number tag is actually number 6 like yours.” Qiao Yanze appeared intrigued.

“Your number tag was handed to me by Xie Siqi.

It looks like… Xie Siqi is using that girl to test you.”

“Are you really going to go down if you get number 6” Yu Shuhang looked towards Ji Shiting with curiosity.

To be honest, they were looking forward to that scene as well…

Ji Shiting scoffed.

“This woman…”

“What Who are you talking about” Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow.

Ji Shiting didnt look back, instead, he was watching the woman in the long gown.

He watched as the woman moved closer to Zhou Yandong, as if she was sneaking a peak at his number… Ji Shiting immediately knew what she was thinking.

It seemed that she didnt trust him enough, but it was understandable that she didnt trust him.

She had his phone number, yet she didnt dare to call him directly.

Where had the courage to sleep with him gone

What a silly woman.

Ji Shiting slammed his number tag against the window.

Qiao Yanze and Yu Shuhang exchanged glances and realized something was wrong.

Theyd only ever met one person who could anger Ji Shiting…

However, before they could find Miss Ye, the emcee showed up.

The emcee announced Grandpa Jis arrival.

The Ji Family were the host of tonights party so Grandpa Ji had to show his face.

Grandpa Ji knew he couldnt count on Ji Shiting and therefore had to appear here personally.

He walked to the stage all smiles and said some words of thanks that brought about a rapturous round of applause.

“Its no longer early, so Ill cut to the chase,” Grandpa Ji with a smile.

“Let me draw a number first.

The man and the woman who have this number will be invited for the first dance.”

All the guests looked forward to hearing that.

Would Ji Shiting be the first to be drawn


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