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Chapter 775: Birth and Birth

Meeting Cupid was a romance comedy.

The scenes were simple, and the story wasnt complicated.

Ye Shengge could handle such a movie easily.

With the crew working well, she finished her scenes in just two months.

However, even so, her baby bump almost couldnt be covered towards the end.

Fortunately, special effects could be used to make up for it in the later stages.

All the crew members could tell that she was pregnant, but no one dared to discuss it.

There were some reports on the Internet, but they didnt stir up much, probably because no one believed that a young actress with limitless future would get pregnant and have a child at this time.

Considering that T.S.

Corporation was facing a critical situation recently, she didnt want to raise unnecessary suspicions.

She was even absent from the award ceremony of Prime Prize, but the award for the Best Newcomer still landed in her hands.

Ji Shiting came to pick her up on the day of the final shoot.

Now that she was three months along, Ye Shengges belly had gotten bigger.

Ji Shiting could feel her belly getting bigger every two or three days, which made him both excited and nervous.

After reaching home, Ji Shiting put her on the sofa.

He was still staring at her belly when he took the hot water from the servant.

Ye Shengge took a sip of water from his hand and smiled while asking, “What are you doing”

“Your bump has gotten bigger again.” He pursed his lips and looked anxious.

“Its only been four months.

Your bump has already so big.

What should I do when I give birth”

“Normally, it wouldnt be that big.

Im carrying two,” Ye Shengge said with a smile.

Ji Shiting smiled and kissed her lips, then he put his hand on her belly and felt the fetuses move.

“Thank you, Shengge.” The mans voice was hoarse.

“I shouldnt have gotten you pregnant so early.”

If he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he wouldnt have imagined the pain and trouble during the pregnancy.

However, he couldnt bear it for her at all.

“It doesnt matter when, Ill get pregnant sooner or later.” Ye Shengge was very open-minded.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Besides, I think youre having it harder than me.”

Other than the fact that her belly was making it difficult for her to move, filming wasnt too much of a burden for her, and her morning sickness was much better than before.

She didnt think she was in a bad condition.

However, Ji Shiting had to be busy with work and deal with the pressure from the capital.

Ye Shengge didnt know how Ji Shiting and Grandpa Ji had talked to the Jing family, but she hadnt heard Ji Shiting mention Jing Tong again in the past month.

Ji Shiting chuckled and said, “Its been hard, but its worth it.”

Ye Shengge blinked and said, “Then… Has the crisis been resolved”

Ye Shengge hadnt dared to ask, but she had actually paid attention to the financial news for the first time.

She knew that the stock market had been in turmoil in the past month, especially the Xiao Corporation, which was helmed by the chairman, Xiao Ruilang.

There were also rumors that the Xiao Corporation had been investigated for tax evasion.

Compared to that, T.S.

Corporation could still maintain stability.

“Ive lured her away.” Ji Shiting put his fingers into her hair and said with a tinge of menace in his eyes.

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