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Chapter 790: Victory Is in Hand

“Im not kidding.” Ye Shengge said calmly.

“Shiting has made long-term plans for the company, and hes implementing many of his plans.

I believe you dont want the company to change its strategic goal at this time.

I dont think anyone will suspect Shitings structure and vision, and Im the most suitable executor.”

She and Ji Shiting were legally married, and she had inherited all the shares under Ji Shitings name.

Not only did Ji Shiting have shares in T.S.

Corporation, he was also a shareholder of dozens of corporations.

Now, all the shares were under her name, which was her greatest advantage.

Grandpa Ji immediately agreed, “I support it.”

“Chairman, this is ridiculous! Shes just… Just…” One of the directors tried to suppress his anger, but he eventually stopped himself from saying the wordactress.

“Ill quit the entertainment world indefinitely.” Ye Shengge couldnt help trembling when she said that.

“If you all know anything about me, you should know that I founded an agency from scratch.

Of course, its completely incomparable to T.S.

Corporation, but I think thats enough to prove my ability.

Besides, Shiting might return before next year.”

“That wont do either! Once you give birth, you still have to spend time with your children, right” Someone pointed out.

“Everyone here is a parent,” Ye Shengge retorted.

“Have you never taken care of your children Then, its pitiful to be your child.”

The other party was flushed with embarrassment.

“Theres no successor more suitable than me.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“If you still dont agree, choose the candidate you like and we can hold a vote.”

A few directors felt as if they were being strangled.

Grandpa Ji and Ji Shiting held 30% of T.S.

Corporations shares and had 50% of the say.

Even if the rest of the board of directors all agreed to elect another candidate, it would only be a tie.

Besides, it was impossible for the board of directors to stand completely on their side.

They had no chance of winning if they really wanted to vote.

They were indeed dissatisfied with Ji Shitings domineering style, so they wanted to use this chance to replace their trusted subordinates.

They had thought that Grandpa Ji would have to compromise if he couldnt find a suitable candidate, but who knew he would recommend his granddaughter-in-law

“What if the shareholders dont trust you” Someone said.

“With all due respect, the public has an instinctive distrust and prejudice against women, especially young and beautiful ones.

If youre the executive president, T.S.

Corporations shares might fall further.”

“Coincidentally, thats what Im best at,” Ye Shengge said aggressively.

“I believe no one can do better than me in terms of portraying the image of a marketing manager.” she suddenly said gently.

“Of course, the most important thing is the companys development.

I hope everyone can give me more confidence and support.”

The directors looked at each other, unable to find any reason to object.

Besides, Ye Shengges calmness and quick reflexes had indeed dispelled some of their concerns.

Although some of the directors werent happy, they knew that they couldnt change the situation with their power alone.

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