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Chapter 791: You Cant Beat Him Up, Thatll Break My Heart

Grandpa Ji made his decision amidst the silence.

Everyone had to accept this arrangement.

After the meeting, Grandpa Ji waved for them to leave.

He was still sitting in his original seat.

Of course, Ye Shengge didnt leave either.

After everyone left, Ye Shengge finally breathed out.

She then realized that her back was drenched in sweat.

Grandpa Ji looked at her and said, “Shengge, you surprised me.”

At first, Grandpa Ji had objected to Ye Shengge being the president, but Ye Shengge had convinced him and a portion of the shareholders.

The people on the board were all smart people, but Ye Shengge wasnt afraid at all.

She rebutted them one by one until they couldnt say anything.

His composure and courage wasnt something ordinary people could achieve.

“Grandpa, you know Im just bluffing.” Ye Shengge forced a smile.

“I actually dont know anything.”

She wasnt as calm and at ease as she looked, but she gained courage every time she thought of Ji Shiting.

She couldnt let him down.

“Its alright.

I can still handle it for a few more days.

Ill let Sun Ye follow you.

Just ask him if theres anything you dont understand.” Grandpa Ji looked at her gently and pushed a few documents to her.

“Sign it.

If anything happens to Shiting… The company and these two kids will be in your hands in the future.”

Ye Shengges hands trembled.

“No, there wont be anywhat if!”

Grandpa Ji seemed to be telling her what to do after his death, which made her heart ache.

“Dont be afraid.

Im just saying.” Grandpa Ji handed her the pen.

“Sign it.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips, knowing that it was her responsibility and the trust that he had given her.

She suppressed her emotions, calmed herself down, opened the document in front of her and signed her name on it.

On the way back, Sun Ye was still the one driving, but Qiao Yanze was with him.

He had been staying in Ji Shitings office while Ye Shengge and Grandpa Ji were attending the board meeting.

“Ill try my best to suppress the news of Shitings disappearance,” Qiao Yanze said.

“I cant guarantee for the future, but no one will target T.S.

Corporation in the short term.

Rest assured.”

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “Thank you, Fourth Young Master.”

Qiao Yanze was silent for a while, then he sneered, “That bastard.

Ill beat him up when he comes back! Hes about to become a father.

Why is he being a hero”

He would either cut his losses and think of ways to satisfy Jing Zhiyuan, or he would continue to cause trouble like he had done to Xiao Ruilang.

However, Ji Shiting refused to take either route.

If Xiao Ruilang hadnt completely offended him, he probably wouldnt have used the Xiao Corporation as bait.

However, Qiao Yanze knew that both paths were like drinking poison to quench his thirst.

Ji Shitings method was to get rid of it once and for all.

Jing Zhiyuans method was too terrible this time, enough to make the highest leader feel threatened.

Perhaps the corporations in Yang City would benefit from it.

He was just too angry.

Even he couldnt figure out what he was angry about.

Ye Shengge shook her head and said, “No, you cant beat him up.

My heart will ache.”

Qiao Yanze was rendered speechless.

After a while, he smiled and said, “Okay, hes lucky.”

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