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Chapter 797: Are You Afraid

Ye Shengges physical condition had always been good.

After she got pregnant, all her health indicators were normal.

Sister Xiu hadnt expected her to go into premature labor half a month earlier than her expected due date.

Fortunately, she was prepared, so she asked the servants to bring all kinds of things.

Ye Shengge didnt even need her help.

She got into the car alone while the pain was still intense.

Sister Xiu was full of admiration for her.

Besides admiration, she felt terrible thinking about Ji Shiting, who was still in danger.

Grandpa Ji arrived when Ye Shengge was sent to the delivery room.

He asked, “Has she given birth yet Has she given birth yet”

“Its still early.

The doctor said itll take a few hours,” Sister Xiu said.

“Wait here, Grandpa.”

Grandpa Ji heaved a sigh of relief.

He went to Dr.

Qin and told him everything.


Qin promised him again and again that everything was fine.

In the delivery room, Ye Shengge was recording a video calmly with her phone.

Knowing that Ji Shiting definitely didnt want to miss this moment, she wanted to document it and show it to him when he returned.

Because of the strict control of her diet during her pregnancy, she didnt gain weight, and her face actually looked thinner.

She was in good shape overall.

Ye Shengge was very satisfied and smiled at the camera.

“Shiting, our babies are about to be born.

Look, this is what the delivery room looks like,” she said as she panned her camera around the ward.

“The frequency of the painful contractions is about once every twenty minutes now.

The doctor said that itll be about time to give birth when the frequency becomes once every five minutes.”

She then pointed the camera at her belly and said, “The babies are about to meet us soon.

Youll definitely be nervous if youre here but dont worry, I believe I have the strength to give birth to them.

I just had a bowl of noodles before I came.”

“Ah… The pain is starting again.

I still remember before we registered our marriage, Grandpa said it was the best for us to have two children.

At that time, I thought that it wouldnt happen at all, so I agreed without hesitation.

I didnt expect me to fulfill my promise so soon, and Im even giving birth to two at once… Huhu.” Ye Shengge took a few deep breaths.

After the pain subsided, she continued to smile at the camera.

“Am I amazing”

Ye Shengge couldnt help blushing.

Towards the end, her eyes reddened.

“Shiting, I miss you so much.” She choked and smiled.

“At first, I was worried that I wasnt good enough for you, but now, I think you wont be able to find a better wife than me.

Ill wait for you, but my patience is limited.

If I cant wait for you, Ill take your assets and your children with me and then find another man… Are you afraid”


Qin asked me to maintain my stamina, so Ill stop talking first.” She gestured to the camera with a serious expression.

“Im going to have a baby!”

Ye Shengge breathed a sigh of relief after clicking and saving it.

She imagined Ji Shitings expression when he saw the video, and she couldnt help smiling while her eyes turned red.

She immediately looked up and forced herself to hold her tears back before the nurse realized it.

It wasnt the time for her to be sad.

After a while, Dr.

Qin walked in.

After talking to the nurse, he smiled at Ye Shengge and said, “Are you ready, Mrs.


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