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Chapter 799: Good Taste In Picking A Wife

“Im right here.” The mans deep voice seemed to be right beside her ear.

“We wont give birth again after this.”

“Okay.” She choked.

“Then dont go.”

“Im not leaving,” he said and kissed her forehead.

The kiss was so gentle that she couldnt feel it existence, but Ye Shengge suddenly felt endless strength in her heart.

She gritted her teeth and felt her body being pushed open by a terrifying force.

It felt like a long time but it also felt like only a few seconds.

Her body suddenly relaxed.

Before she could relax, Ye Shengge heard the nurse say, “Theres one more!”

Thats right… There was one more thing.

She couldnt rest yet.

Ye Shengge tried to gather her strength again.

Perhaps it was because she had just given birth, but it was much faster this time.

After the intense pressure disappeared, Ye Shengge felt like she was floating on the clouds.

Realizing that both the babies had been delivered, she relaxed her mind and fell unconscious.

She couldnt hear the doctors and nurses at all, but before she fell asleep, she could hear the cries of the babies.


A thought flashed through her mind and she finally fell asleep.


Grandpa Jis hands were shaking when he heard the news.

Uncle Jin blushed, and Sister Xiu started to cry.

“Fortunately, both babies are healthy, but theyre too young.

Theyre barely four pounds, and theyve been sent to the fertility room,” Dr.

Qin said.

“Young Madam is fine, but shes too tired and still unconscious.”

“Okay, okay, thats great!” Grandpa Ji choked.

He couldnt help looking at the delivery room.

All kinds of emotions flashed across Grandpa Jis eyes.

There was joy, sadness, guilt, and finally, only gratitude.

His opinion of Ye Shengge had changed several times, and he now treated Ye Shengge as one of his family members.

Grandpa Ji couldnt help thinking, “You have good taste in picking a wife.

If you dont come back, I wont be able to help you keep such a good wife.”

Grandpa Ji felt upset again.

He said, “Sister Xiu, stay and accompany Shengge.

Ill go visit the babies with Old Jin.”

Ye Shengge showed signs of labor suddenly, and Sister Xiu had only informed Grandpa Ji when she had sent her to the hospital.

Thus, after Grandpa Ji and Uncle Jin left, Sister Xiu was left alone outside the delivery room.

The doctor and nurse went back to the office to rest after finishing their work.

Sister Xiu received permission to guard Ye Shengge in the delivery room.

Thus, she couldnt remember when she had fallen asleep, let alone when a familiar figure walked in.

The security in Jingan Hospital was strict, and ordinary people couldnt enter, but it wasnt difficult for Ji Shiting.

Old Yuan didnt know why Ji Shiting insisted on returning to Yang City until now.

He knew Ji Shiting didnt like it, so he stayed outside the delivery room and pretended to be a bodyguard.

In the delivery room, Ji Shiting knocked Sister Xius neck to make her sleep more soundly.

He then walked to the bed and saw the womans pale face and flat belly.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips, and his hands trembled.

The babies had really been delivered!

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