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Chapter 807: The Two Kids

Ye Shengges attention was diverted at the mention of the children.

She smiled and said, “I hope Grandpa isnt sick of those two imps.”

She would send the two kids to the old manor every time she went on a business trip.

“The chairman wont.

Hell definitely want to be annoyed by the two kids every day,” Sun Ye said.

Ye Shengge smiled again and said, “Feng Jing, drive faster.”

She couldnt wait to see the two kids.

Although she would video call them every day on business trips, it still couldnt alleviate her longing.

After arriving at the manor, Ye Shengge got out of the car.

Just as she walked to the door, two small figures pounced on her.


Ye Shengge immediately squatted down and caught them, holding each in one arm.

Even so, she almost fell to the ground.

She immediately felt all her exhaustion dissipate when she smelled the soft fragrance of the two children.

She smiled, and before she could say anything, her daughter kissed her on the right cheek.

The little girl kissed her again and again, and Ji Jinchen, her brother, didnt want to be outdone.

He didnt want to kiss her like his sister, so he rubbed his face against Ye Shengges face.

“Mom, I miss you so much!”

“Did you bring us any gifts, Mom”

“Did you miss me, Mom”

“Mom, do you miss me more or do you miss my brother more”

The two kids asked.

Ye Shengge couldnt breathe under the sweetness.

She said, “Yes, of course I miss you guys… I miss you all the same.

I brought you a present each.

Ill give it to you immediately.”

They cheered for joy and started kissing Ye Shengge again.

Grandpa Ji followed behind and watched this scene.

He finally said, “Jinchen, Jinqing, stop messing with your mom.

Let her rest for a bit.”

The two kids finally stopped asking for kisses, but they still smiled and stayed in her embrace.

The two kids were only three years old, and they were both exquisite and cute.

They had fair, tender and round faces and dark grape-like eyes.

If they were wearing the same clothes, Ye Shengge might not be able to tell them apart.

Her son, Ji Jinchen, was wearing a shirt and tie, smiling obediently.

Her daughter, Ji Jinqing, was wearing a dress, looking up at her and pretending to be cute.

Ye Shengge knew very well that being obedient and cute was just their pretense.

The two of them could cause chaos if they were naughty, but she couldnt help hugging them and kissing them.

After a while, Ye Shengge carried them to the sofa and gave them the gifts solemnly.

Ji Jinchen asked for a high-end assembly toy, which was more than twice his height.

Ye Shengge wanted to place the toy inside the car and open it after reaching Qianfan Villa, but he insisted on keeping it first.

He walked around on an unsteady gait with the big box, looking excited.

Ji Jinqing asked for a handsome knight sword.

When Ye Shengge handed the sword to her, she told her not to use it to attack others, otherwise, she would confiscate it immediately.

The girl nodded.

The two of them took the gifts and left Ye Shengge behind to play.

They even flaunted their gifts to Uncle Jin and Lin Ran.

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