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Chapter 811: The Decisive Female President

Ye Shengge pursed her lips and thought for a bit.


Corporations algorithm has been upgraded several times, right Are they going to buy the latest one” she asked.

“If the price of the latest version is too high, theyll probably choose the old version,” said Sun Ye.

“It depends on what price we offer.”

“Even if its an old version thats obsolete, the price will probably be unbearable for them.” Ye Shengge gave a number.

“If you want to buy the latest version, the price will be ten times higher.

How can the core algorithm be sold so easily”

However, if the other party was willing to spend a lot of money on something that isnt going to be worth his buck, Ye Shengge didnt mind making a fortune.

After all, even if the other party got the algorithm, no rising star would be able to gain any advantage with T.S.

Corporation occupying the market.

Sun Ye couldnt help gasping when he heard Ye Shengges quote.

‘Madam is really… decisive.

That price is enough to buy that small trading company.

“Okay, Ill talk to them now.” Sun Ye had no objections.

He had seen how Ye Shengge rose to where she was today in the past three years, as well as her changes.

He didnt know whether it was because this position would naturally cause a change in people, but if her style already had the shadow of a big boss.

He wondered how Ji Shiting would feel when he returned and saw Ye Shengge who had turned from a delicate woman to a decisive female president in the business world.

Ye Shengge didnt know what Sun Ye was thinking, but even if she did, she would only smile bitterly.

Actually, she knew very well that she hadnt changed in essence.

There were some things that she didnt like doing even though she had done them well with her efforts and determination.

She had completely left the entertainment industry these few years, and she hadnt read the script again.

She didnt know whether she still had a chance to continue acting.

She continued to work, and Sun Ye left the office to talk to the people from Green Peak Company.

Sure enough, the other party almost cursed after hearing Sun Yes quote.

Although the other party resisted the urge to scold him, his tone was still stiff.

After knowing that there was no room for negotiation, the other party hung up the phone.

Sun Ye completely understood, so he wasnt mad.

He soon forgot about this episode.

However, he didnt know how great of a blow the phone call had been to the people in Summer City.

Summer City had a warm climate and pleasant scenery.

It was both a famous tourist city and one of the economic centers in the south.

Decades ago, it was also an important trading port.

The Qingfeng Gang used to run a smuggling business in the north, but since they wanted to clear their name and do proper business, they couldnt stay in their old place, so Summer City became their best choice.

In the meeting room, a group of people was arguing.

Old Yuan was having a headache sitting on the main seat.

There werent many people under him who had completed their college education.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have come to the Qingfeng Gang to do some dirty work.

They were all better than the other, but when it came to business, they were all useless.

These underlings of his had followed him for many years, so he had to be responsible for them.

If Qingfeng helped them get ashore, they would have nowhere to go.

If he didnt arrange a place for them in the company, what would happen to their lives in the future

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