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Chapter 845: Im Afraid Youll Go Missing Again

The man grabbed her waist with one hand and wrapped his other hand around her knees.

He picked her up and walked upstairs.

“Brother Shiting!” Yuan Junkun yelled.

He wanted to follow him, but he was stopped by Old Yuan.

“Forget it.” Old Yuan sighed.

“You cant stop him.”

“Its all that womans fault!” Yuan Junkun clenched his fist.

“Even if it werent for that woman, he wouldnt have been here forever.” Old Yuan sounded melancholic.

“Were not from the same world as him.”

“How is it not the same world Brother Shiting treated me very well before that woman showed up,” Yuan Junkun argued.

Old Yuan knocked his head and glared at him.

“You brat.

Can you compare to that woman”

“Didnt Brother Shiting forget her…” Yuan Junkun mumbled.

“So what if he forgot…” Old Yuan snorted.

“For him, half a day with that woman is equivalent to three years of knowing us.”

Ji Shiting carried the woman back to his room.

The mans embrace was firm and burning.

Ye Shengge felt her body heating up.

She hugged his neck and couldnt help smiling.

Fortunately, he was still here.

He hadnt lied to her.

She didnt want to be separated from him at all from now on, in case the man disappeared.

However, she couldnt smile anymore after Ji Shiting put her on the bed because she saw the mans cold and austere face.

She immediately stopped smiling and said, “Whats wrong, Shiting”

“Who asked you to come here Didnt I say Ill look for you tomorrow morning” he said coldly.

“You didnt pick up my calls…” Ye Shengge complained.

“I called you several times.”

However, Ji Shiting didnt look any better.

“Even if I didnt pick up the phone, do you really need to come here so late at night” He grabbed the womans hands.

Her hands were still cold, and she didnt know how long they had been frozen in the cold wind.

“No.” Ye Shengge looked at him and said firmly.

“I cant wait a minute.

Im afraid that youll disappear again if Im careless.”

Ji Shiting was stunned, and his heart softened.

However, the mans anger rose again when he saw what she was wearing.

“Its fine if you came, but dont you know how to wear more clothes” He said sternly.

“Are you an idiot”

That woman was wearing a dress that exposed her arms and legs in the middle of the night.

He didnt know what she was thinking.

‘Why have I fallen for such a dumb woman

Ye Shengge blinked and asked, “Doesnt it look good I bought it specially because Im coming to see you.”

The man looked at her seriously.

Compared to how she dressed in the day, she looked more feminine in the red dress, but…

“Youre so ugly,” he said coldly.

“Dont think Ill get intimate with you just because youre dressed like this.”

Ye Shengge wasnt affected at all.

She smiled and buried her face in his chest.

“Shiting, do you feel sorry for me”

The man let go of her hand, grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away.

He took a step back and said, “Youre overthinking.

Im afraid youll blame me if anything happens to you.”

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