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Chapter 865: Its Called A White Lie

Other than the delicious dishes, the most unique thing about this restaurant was that it had good security, which was why it was favored by celebrities.

Although Qiao Yanze was famous, not many people looked at him even though he was holding the two kids because the other guests in the restaurant were all rich and noble.

Qiao Yanze was very satisfied after sitting down because he could see Li Yinians expression clearly from his angle without attracting her attention.

Unfortunately, he couldnt see her date clearly, so he could only confirm that it was a man.

‘Heh… I wonder which rich man is courting death.

Ever since Li Yinian left the Li family and to strike it out on her own, many people had been coveting her.

However, because of Qiao Yanzes attitude, those rich guys basically didnt have the guts to do so.

After she joined the entertainment industry, more and more people coveted her.

Qiao Yanze spent a lot of effort to get rid of all the girls around that woman.

As time passed, everyone in the entertainment world heard the news, and Li Yinian finally stopped.

Unfortunately, he had only made a slight mistake, and someone had rushed up to him.

He couldnt suppress his anger at all.

The two kids climbed into their seats at this moment.

Jinchen said softly, “Uncle Qiao, Aunt Li is there.”

“Okay.” Qiao Yanze nodded and said to the waiter.

“Id like to have one serving of each signature dish.

Please serve it as soon as possible.”

The waiter nodded respectfully and left quickly.

Qiao Yanze glanced at Li Yinian, who was not far away, and then looked at the two kids opposite him.

“After dinner, go to Auntie Li and call her mom.”

“Ah!” Qinger exclaimed.

“Uncle Qiao, are you asking me to lie to my brother”

“Mom said kids shouldnt lie.” Jinchen blinked.

“Its called a white lie.” Qiao Yanze knocked on the desk.

“Considering how much I dote on you, you wont refuse to help me, right If Aunt Li runs away with another man, I will be single forever.”

The two kids looked at each other and nodded.

Qiao Yanze smiled.


Li Yinian had dressed very simply for todays date.

She was wearing a Bohemian-style dress, and her hair was tied up loosely.

However, the young man opposite her kept sweating, and he didnt even dare to look her in the eyes.

Li Yinian had met plenty of people who harbored designs on her over the years, but she had never seen anyone as nervous as Mr.


She couldnt help smiling, “Mr.

Qin, are all doctors very busy with work”

Qin Hongyu smiled and nodded, “Surgeons are indeed very busy.

Sometimes, we might not be able to sleep for two to three days because we have to do a few consecutive surgeries, and we tend to be called to the hospital for an emergency operation like last night… But youre busier, right I see you often have activities and performances lined up…”

“Fortunately, Ive been reducing my workload recently.” Li Yinian smiled.

“Ive always had a good impression of doctors.

Your work is great.”

“No, its just my duty.” Qin Hongyu blushed.

He grabbed the cup and took a sip.

“Sorry… I, I really didnt expect you to agree to go on a date with me…”

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