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Chapter 881: I Cant Admit To You

If it were in the past, she wouldnt have been so clingy with him but now that he had lost his memory, Ye Shengge could still feel the difference even though his attitude toward her was the same as before.

On one hand, his feelings for her werent as strong as before.

On the other hand, that man had always been worried that she would run away, so he was especially worried about her.

This time, they had reunited because she seemed to care too much about him and relied on him too much, so Ji Shiting was very assured of her and had neglected her

Ye Shengge couldnt rule that out after some thought.

It didnt seem like a good thing for her to be too passionate and accommodate him…

She then put her phone aside.

She decided not to contact him unless necessary.

However, she hadnt seen him in two days.

She really missed him, and she didnt know how long she could last…

The next day, Yang City International Airport.

Gu Yimo waited for Jing Tong to arrive.

He and Ji Shiting had received concrete news yesterday that Jing Tong would arrive in Yang City today.

This lady had been studying abroad for three years and had finally decided to return to China.

He hadnt expected her to come to Yang City instead of returning to Beijing immediately after returning to China.

He didnt know whether this lady still looked like the way she did in the photos… If he didnt recognize her, he would be doomed.

Ji Shiting wouldnt let him off the hook.

Ten minutes later, Gu Yimo suddenly became energetic because he had found a slender figure.

The lady had lost a lot of weight in the past three years overseas, but thankfully, her facial features hadnt changed much, which was enough for him to recognize her.

Jing Tong hadnt realized that she was being watched.

She had returned to Yang City instead of Beijing because there were too many people who knew her in Beijing, and she didnt want to have any contact with them.

Jing Tong found her luggage at the wheel.

She was about to pick it up when she suddenly grabbed it and put it on the ground.

“Welcome, Ms.

Jing,” said a listless man.

Jing Tong was shocked.

She looked up and saw an slovenly young man.

She was certain she had never seen him before.

“Who are you” Jing Tong was cautious.

She couldnt think of anyone else in Yang City besides the Ji family.

After all, Ji Shiting had probably gone missing because of her father… The Ji family had every reason to look for her and even take revenge on her.

“Dont worry, Ms.


I wont do anything to you,” Gu Yimo promised.

“I want to talk to you about your father.

I know your father wont tell you everything, but youre his daughter after all.

You cant be completely unaware of what hes done all these years, right Ji Shiting has been missing for three years.

We just want to know his whereabouts.

We hope you can help us.”


Jing Tong bit his lips and said, “Did Ye Shengge send you here”

“Ah.” Gu Yimo nodded.

“Thats right.

My wife sent me.”

“I can tell her in person,” Jing Tong said expressionlessly.

“But I have nothing to say to you.”

Gu Yimo pouted and said, “Okay, Ill arrange it now.”



Ye Shengge had just finished a video conference and was about to return to her office, but she was stopped by Sun Ye.

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