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Chapter 887: Until Death Comes

Ye Shengge looked up and saw the mans handsome but cold face.

She was so shocked that she couldnt hold her chopsticks.

Sun Ye couldnt help gasping.


York asked, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing.” Ye Shengge calmed herself down and smiled at him.

She then looked at Ji Shiting and hesitated.


Ji Shiting took the new dish from the waiter behind him and put them on the table.

“Please enjoy.”

The man looked at her with an ambiguous gaze.

Ye Shengge didnt know what he was up to, but since that man had pretended to be a waiter to serve the food, she had to pretend not to know anything.

She looked away and introduced the new dish to Mr.



York listened with a smile, but he was observing Ji Shiting.

It had to be said that he was a very attractive Asian man.

He was tall, had pronounced facial features, and was now dressed in a black shirt and pants.

He didnt wear the uniform of a restaurant, nor did he have the humility of a service staff.

Instead, he had a cold temperament.

He stood behind Ye Shengges right as if he was protecting her, but also as if he was declaring his possession.

His male instincts gave him a warning.

‘Is he also Ye Shengges suitor


York smiled as those thoughts flashed through his mind.

He smiled and picked up his chopsticks after hearing Ye Shengges introduction.

Unfortunately, he wasnt good at using chopsticks, so he couldnt pick it up after a long time.

Ye Shengge couldnt help smiling and put some into his bowl with the chopsticks.


York smiled and picked up his spoon.

When Ye Shengge put down her chopsticks, she suddenly felt a cold breeze beside her, which gave her goosebumps.

She resisted the urge to turn around and take a bite.

What was Ji Shiting trying to do She was in the middle of a business meeting, and the collaboration with Wale Corporation was a major case.

The relevant departments had been working hard for months, so she couldnt fail.

“So…” Mr.

York finished the food in the bowl, put down his spoon and said.

“You said you preferred others to call you Mrs.

Ji, but I know that Mr.

Ji has been missing for several years, right Mr.

Ji is a genius.

Ive always been looking forward to meeting him, but unfortunately… I think you two used to be very loving, but people have to look forward.

What do you think”

Ye Shengge thought to herself,Theres no need to look forward.

Youve already met him, and hes the one standing beside us and exuding a cold aura.

“I understand.

I just… cant do it.” She smiled with melancholy.


York looked at her for a while and said, “Thats moving but I dont think Mr.

Ji wants you to be immersed in sadness.

If he really loves you, hell want you to pursue a new happiness.”

Even Ye Shengge didnt know how to react.

Even if Ji Shiting really met with a mishap, Ye Shengge didnt think he would want her to pursue a new happiness.

That overbearing man wanted her to love him forever.

No, that was Ji Shiting in the past.

Now that he had lost his memory, he didnt seem to be that obsessed with her…

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