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Chapter 888: That Caucasian

Ye Shengge smiled gratefully and said, “Yes, I think that day will come, but I still need more time.”

“Perhaps a new lover can help you get over your pain faster.” Mr.

York blinked at her.

This… was a hint.

Before Ye Shengge could figure out how to answer, Ji Shiting said sneeringly, “Youre right, she has already had a new lover.”

Thats right, she had a new lover.

Ye Shengge had an impulse to bang her head on the ground.


York squinted his green eyes and looked at Ji Shiting for the first time.

Ye Shengge decided to make up for it.

She looked at Ji Shiting and said, “Why are you still here Besides, I dont know you.

Youre being rude.

Please call your manager over.”

She then shot him a glance, desperately hoping that he would catch her hint.

Ji Shiting suddenly curled his lips, but his smile was cold.

He looked at her and said, “You dont know me You sure”

He sounded cold and sarcastic.

Ye Shengge could only beg for mercy and look at him with a pleading gaze.

“What do you want”

She said that in Chinese.

“This foreigner is seducing you.” Ji Shiting sounded colder.

“…Hes an important partner, and he hasnt been disrespectful to me.” Ye Shengge bit her lips.

“Can you go out first”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and said, “Mr.

York, Mrs.

Ji isnt feeling well.

Thats all for today.

Please help yourself.”

Ye Shengge was shocked.

Just as she was about to make up for it, the man grabbed her waist and said, “Do you really want me to kiss you in front of him”

Ye Shengges hands trembled, and she blushed at his hot breath.


York seemed to be offended as a trace of anger appeared in his eyes.

Ye Shengge sighed.

Ji Shiting didnt seem like he would let it go.

She could only find another chance to apologize to Mr.

York, but she was prepared to fail.

She bit her lips and tried to stop the man from touching her.

She forced a smile and said, “Sorry, we were rude.

Ill apologize to you another day.

You can tell my assistant if you need anything.”

Sun Ye immediately stood up and smiled.

“Sorry, Mr.


Let me take you back to the hotel to rest.”


York couldnt take it lying down, but he stood up angrily.

Sun Ye followed him and apologized to Mr.

York and his assistant.

Before long, they left the room.

Ye Shengge elbowed the man who was still holding her.

“Ji Shiting! What are you trying to do I couldve negotiated successfully and clinched this cooperation today.

Why are you messing around”

She couldnt figure out how that man knew she was here.

‘Didnt he go to investigate the clues Jing Tong had given me

“Are you going to smile at such a person and give him favors just for a contract Theres no need to bother about such a cooperation.” The man grabbed her hand and grasped it tightly.

He pressed his body against hers and his lips against her ear.

“Dont discuss about business with such people in the future.”

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