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Chapter 903: How Can You Calm Down

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “I really dont blame you.

You dont remember anything, so its normal for you to suspect me.”

“No.” Ji Shiting didnt find an excuse for himself.

“Even if I dont remember anything, I shouldnt suspect you.”

He had felt how much that woman loved him these days.

He recalled how his anger came from her hiding it, which made him feel like he was not trusted.

Ye Shengges heart softened seeing the guilt and regret in the mans eyes.

However, she decided to be ruthless again at the thought of how he had reacted because he knew about the two kids.

She looked down and assented.

Ji Shiting pressed his lips against hers, but the woman avoided it.

“Im really sleepy,” she emphasized again.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips, feeling helpless.

Although the woman said she didnt blame him and sounded calm, she was still angry at him.

He wanted to kiss her until she suffocated, but he was afraid that it would have the opposite effect.


“Please, okay” The woman sounded helpless.

Ji Shiting finally had no choice but to lie down beside her.

He was about to wrap his arms around her waist when the woman moved half a body away.

If she continued to move, she would fall off the bed.

Ji Shiting retracted his arm and smiled bitterly.

He was used to that womans dependence and coquettishness, so much so that he thought she was always like that when she was with him.

However, he hadnt realized until today that she could be so tough.

Perhaps… he had really hurt her heart.

She knew that she shouldnt blame him logically, but she couldnt get rid of her grievances, so she could only treat him indifferently.

Ji Shiting stared at the womans slender back.

Her black hair was spread on the pillow, which made him feel tender feelings for her.

He pursed his lips, and his heart suddenly ached.

She had waited for him for so long, but he had forgotten her completely.

It was cruel to her.

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and finally turned off the bedside lamp.

The room fell into darkness.

Ye Shengge was still lying on her side.

She tried to get sleepy, but she, who could always fall asleep quickly, couldnt sleep today.

She bit her lips and pushed the blame to the man beside her.

She then sat up quietly.

However, Ji Shiting felt it the moment she moved.

“Whats wrong” He reached out and hugged her.

“Ill sleep in the living room,” she complained.

“Your breathing is so loud that I cant sleep.”

Ji Shiting was dazed for a bit, then he chuckled.

His Adams apple bobbed, and he pressed his burning lips against her ear.

“How can I stay calm with you lying beside me”

Ye Shengge pushed him and said, “Cant I go out”

“No, even if I want to go out, it should be me,” the man said gently.

“Lie down, okay”

Ye Shengge thought about it and realized that he should be the one sleeping on the sofa, so she lay down.

Ji Shiting curled his lips, covered her with the blanket, got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom.

The mans footsteps disappeared, and the bedroom fell silent.

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