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Chapter 916: Youll Sleep With Mom Next Time, Right, Dad

After a while, Ji Shitings eyes started to burn.

Ye Shengge was right.

The two kids were indeed glib-tongued.

He didnt know who they had inherited it from.

The two kids even shared their hobbies with him and dragged him to their toy house, collection room, as well as their rooms.

In the end, they took Ji Shiting to the master bedroom.

“Mom usually sleeps here.”

“Mom can only sleep alone.

Sometimes, my brother and I come in to sleep with her.”

“Dad, youll sleep with Mom in the future, right”

Ji Shiting looked at the bed in the bedroom and imagined some scenes from last night.

He swallowed hard and said, “Of course.”

“Can Brother and I sleep with Mom and Dad” Jinqing asked.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and smiled.


In half an hour, Ji Shiting became familiar with the two kids and Qianfan Villa.

He suddenly realized that he had returned home.

This was his home.

Finally, he carried the two kids to the bathroom, washed their hands, and carried them to the dining room.

The man was strong, so he didnt feel tired walking around with the two kids.

The two kids obviously liked being lifted high, and they couldnt stop giggling.

They couldnt bear to part with Ji Shiting after they sat down in the dining room.

Soon, Grandpa Ji arrived.

He was almost in tears when he saw Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting felt guilty seeing the white-haired old man in front of him.

He had known about his grandpas existence, but he hadnt realized that he was the only family who had raised him.

Ji Shiting asked the two kids to have some snacks in the dining room, then he followed his grandpa to the living room and told him what had happened to him, as well as the results of his investigation.

However, he hid the news that Ji Ziliang was still alive.

Towards the end, Grandpa Ji was rendered speechless.

His eyes were red.

“Its no big deal if you lose your memory.

Take your time to handle the company and share the burden with your wife.

But… dont go.”

“Dont worry,” Ji Shiting promised.

“I wont leave again.

Whatever happens in the capital has nothing to do with me.”

“Okay.” Grandpa Ji nodded.

“Lets have a good meal when your wife comes back.

You have to drink with me today!”

“Grandpa, your body…”

“Im fine.

Even if theres anything wrong, Im fine seeing you back!” Grandpa Ji patted his shoulder, and his eyes were red.

“Im so happy today!”

Ji Shiting smiled and nodded.


Ji Shiting called Ye Shengge when his grandfather went to talk to the two kids.

He knew her schedule, and logically speaking, she was almost home.

However, no one picked up her phone.

Ji Shiting frowned and called again after a minute, but no one picked up.

He called Sun Ye again, and it finally connected this time.

Sun Ye put the phone to his ear after a while and said, “Boss, Madam is gone!”

Ji Shitings heart skipped a beat, and his eyes widened.

“Give me the address.

Ill head over now.” The man walked out.

“What exactly happened”

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