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Chapter 917: Its Fake For You, Its True That You Dont Like Madam

“…At 5: 30, Madam and I ended a meeting and left the company.

She doesnt like too many bodyguards, so there was only Feng Jing in the car besides me, and the person driving was also Feng Jing.

However, on the way, Madam received a call.

It was from… Madam Xie.”

On the phone, Sun Ye described the scene to Ji Shiting.

“After answering the phone, Madam asked Feng Jing to drive the car to the mall.

I got out of the car with Madam and went to the teahouse on the top floor.

I waited outside the teahouse and saw Madam Xie talking to Madam excitedly.

After a few minutes, I wanted to go in to see what was going on, but I was knocked out.

If Feng Jing hadnt realized something was wrong and looked over, I wouldnt have woken up.

Anyway, Madam and Madam Xie were gone when Feng Jing came upstairs to find us.”

Ji Shiting said sullenly, “Madam Xie is my birth mother, Xu Shaoqing.”

“Yes.” Sun Ye nodded.

“I just found out that Madam Xies car is on the way back to the Xie manor.

Feng Jing has already brought people there.

Theyll catch up to her soon.”

“Is there anyone else in the restaurant”

“It was empty when I woke up, but there werent many guests in the restaurant when I accompanied Madam here.

There were only a few waiters…”

“This is a trap.” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“It looks like Xu Shaoqing is an accomplice.”


“Ask her after Feng Jing returns.

Dont tell her that Im still alive,” Ji Shiting said and asked the driver to drive to Gu Yimos research institute.

“Yes,” Sun Ye said.

“Feng Jing brought her back!”

“Ill wait for your call.” Ji Shiting ended the call and Ji Ziliang called.

“Ah Kun has been gone for a whole day.

Old Yuan didnt care where he went to play at first, but he realized that he couldnt be contacted.

Did he go to you secretly, Shiting”

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed.

Yuan Junkun hadnt come to him, of course, but Ye Shengge had been taken away after the kid disappeared for a day.

There had to be a connection.

“No, he didnt come to me,” Ji Shiting said indifferently.

“Let Old Yuan think of a way himself.”

“Shiting!” Ji Ziliang hadnt expected him to be so indifferent.

“I have something to do.” Ji Shiting hung up the phone.

He then called back to Qianfan Villa and told his grandpa about the situation.

He also told him a few things and asked his grandpa to appease the two kids.

Ji Shiting had just hung up when Sun Ye called again.

“Boss, youre right! Madam Xie admitted that someone told her to tell her your whereabouts as long as she could lure Madam to that restaurant… She said she did it for you…”

Ji Shiting pursed his lips, and his cheeks twitched.

He knew that he wasnt close to his birth mother, but he hadnt expected Xu Shaoqing to be such a fool.

“President, pardon me for saying something unpleasant.

Madam Xie is faking it for you.

Its true that she doesnt like Madam… You left a will and bequeathed all your assets to Madam.

Madam Xie has been upset for a long time…” Sun Ye couldnt help saying.

“Ask Feng Jing to get someone to watch her and not let her leave before I return.” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Old Master Ji will give an explanation to the Xie family.”

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