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Chapter 919: Can I Stop

Ye Shengge moved her body.

Fortunately, her hands and feet were free, and she wasnt tied up.

She immediately sat up and realized that it was a small resting bar.

She was sitting on the sofa, and a beauty with long legs and a slender waist was sizing her up from the bar counter.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and looked at the other party.

She didnt say anything, so the other party walked to her and sized her up.

“Are you new Why are you slacking here and not going out to accompany guests Its so busy outside.”

Ye Shengges pupils dilated.

It seemed that the beauty was just an ordinary lady and not the one who had kidnapped her.

“Hey, why arent you saying anything Do you know that there are a lot of guests today You dont want to earn tips, do you” The beauty was a bit impatient.

“If I hadnt twisted my ankle because I was in high heels, I wouldnt have let those bitches get away with it… By the way, Ill introduce you to the guests Im familiar with, and then youll give me a commission, okay I only want ten percent.”

Ye Shengge calmed herself down and pretended to be afraid.

“Beauty, I… I suddenly regret it.

Can I not do it”

“What” The beautys eyes widened.

“Youre already here.

Why are you regretting!”

“I dont want to let my boyfriend down… I want to leave…”

“Pfft…” The beauty said disdainfully.

“Are you dumb Its easy to earn money here.

You wont be forced to sell yourself anyway.

After one night, youll forget your boyfriends name.

Besides, you cant go out now.

There are drunkards and bodyguards in the hallway.

Either you take the number tag to the theme box to accompany the guests, or you stay here.

Otherwise, those drunk bodyguards wont be able to reason with you if they see you alone.”

Just as she said that, a person who looked like the leader opened the heavy door.

“Why are you two still here” The leader was furious.

“Come here now.

Theres still a shortage of people in the restaurant.

Thats a big client tonight.”

“Brother K, I sprained my ankle.

Let her go!” The beauty pushed Ye Shengge.

“Shes a newcomer, so she might be insensible.

Please be more tolerant!”

She then blinked at Ye Shengge, implying that there was no need to thank her.

Ye Shengge staggered from the other partys push and felt anxious.

The leader didnt care whether she was a newcomer or not.

He grabbed Ye Shengges shoulder and dragged her out.

“Come with me!”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and asked the supervisor if she could go home.

The supervisor looked at her as if she was a monster.

“Im very busy now.

I dont have time to educate you.

Either you listen to me, or Ill let two strong men give you a good time.” The leader sneered.

“The guests might not force you.

Those bodyguards might be able to kill you.

Do you want to try”

Ye Shengge couldnt say anything.

Besides, she didnt dare return to that resting lounge.

What if the people who had kidnapped her recalled her

The decoration outside was indeed more luxurious, and just as the beauty had said, there were bodyguards in black vests everywhere.

Although she knew some martial arts, she didnt dare take the risk.

She could only act according to the circumstances.

The usher dragged her to a changing room and threw her to two women who looked like makeup artists.

Ye Shengge could only let them take her.

She tried to talk to them to get information, but they ignored her, so she had to give up.

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