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Chapter 937: Sharing Everything

Gu Yimo didnt know that Ji Shiting had been discovered before the mask failed.

“Im friends with Young Master Huo.

Although he doesnt know what were doing, he agreed to help,” Qiao Yanze said.

“Hell be staying at home for the next few hours.

He wont go anywhere just in case.

He wont pick up anyone calling him, so Shiting is safe for now.

He hasnt returned yet, probably because he hasnt found sister-in-law yet, or perhaps because…”

Qiao Yanze and Gu Yimo looked at each other and saw worry in each others eyes.

“He came too early.

I should have asked him to bring a gun,” Gu Yimo said.

“It might not be useful even if he has a gun, unless he only has one or two opponents.

Besides, how do you know that the other party doesnt have a gun”

“What should we do now” Gu Yimo scratched her head.

“If we can find evidence, we might be able to get Jiang Yu to do it,” Qiao Yanze said.

Jiang Yu was a cautious person.

If he didnt have concrete evidence, it would be difficult for him to bring people to seal the banquet with his current situation.

If he had evidence, Jiang Yu could justifiably destroy the banquet and all the illegal research underground.

“Evidence… is very difficult.” Gu Yimo frowned.

“Even if there are indeed victims in the study of mental control, they cant reveal anything because the other party is under control, and they wont be able to testify.

As for the failed experiments, they all have definite reasons for their deaths.

Shiting and I checked from this angle, but we didnt find any flaws.

Im afraid Jing Zhiyuans money is used to appease the families of the victims.

Those who dont give up often suffer persecution.”

“If this research is applied on a large scale, itll be unimaginable.” Qiao Yanze breathed out.

“Sigh, if only my professor was still here.

He was a surgeon in his early years, but he loved to study human brains.

If he were here, he would definitely know what Jing Zhiyuans people are researching about.” Gu Yimo sighed.

Qiao Yanze looked at him and asked, “Where is he”

“Hes been dead for several years.

Six or seven years at least.

I was studying my last PhD when I heard about his death.

I even went back to China to attend his funeral,” Gu Yimo said.

“What happened”

Qiao Yanze frowned and shook his head.

“Forget it.

Ill contact Jiang Yu first just in case.”

“Wait, I know of someone else who might be more suitable than us.” Gu Yimo suddenly had an idea.

“Jing Tong.

The people in the banquet are most likely Jing Zhiyuans subordinates.

They wont hurt Jing Tong.

Besides, she and Jiang Yu are childhood friends.

Its more convincing for her to show up than us.

Besides, Jiang Yu might be willing to take the risk for her.

I have her phone number.”

Qiao Yanze thought for a bit and nodded.

“Okay, contact her.”

Everyone who did research had strong desire to share, especially Professor Xu.

Since he was doing illegal research, he couldnt publish theses, introduce the results to the world, so he couldnt get any honor.

He could only stay in the underground research center.

Hence, he shared everything with Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge.

Of course, this was because he was certain that Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting wouldnt pose any threat to them.

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