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Chapter 965: Were Not From the Same World

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Jiang Yu paused and said, “What do you plan to do next”

“Look for a job.” She was expressionless.

“What else”

All the properties of the Jing family had been seized, and only the Jing Familys manor was still under her name, but she didnt want to go back to live there at all.

She had spent most of her education fund in the past three years abroad.

If she didnt find a job, she would starve to death soon.

“Okay, Ill arrange it for you,” he agreed.

“No need.

I wont stay in Beijing,” Jing Tong said calmly.

“With my qualifications, a vague job isnt difficult to find.

Dont worry.”

Jiang Yu frowned.

He was also unfamiliar with making a living on his own.

‘Jing Tong understood what he was thinking upon seeing his expression.

She smiled self-deprecatingly and said, “Jiang Yu, dont you understand From the moment my father was arrested, we were no longer people of the same world.

Im already very lucky to be able to live an ordinary life.”

Actually, she was often worried that the people her father had killed would seek revenge.

The man swallowed hard and said, “We all live on Earth.

Why arent we from the same world”

Jing Tong looked at him expressionlessly.

That man actually knew to crack lame jokes, but this one was really awful.

However, she played along by smiling and chuckling.

“Jiang Yu, I know you sympathize with me and might feel guilty, but you really dont need to.” She sighed.

“You didnt let me down, and I shouldnt blame you.

I was too childish back then.

Dont take what I said to you to heart.”

She always wondered why it had to be Jiang Yu who sent her father to prison.

However, she now felt that her father deserved it.

Why couldnt it be Jiang Yu Should he be worried about her feelings just because she liked him Why

She thought that she should even thank him for being decisive, at least, he had extinguished the last bit of hope in her heart.

Jiang Yu pursed his lips.

He could tell that she was sincere.

He had once hoped that she would be more sensible and not bother him or pester him.

She had never listened.

Now that she was finally sensible, she apologized to him from the bottom of her heart, but he couldnt be happy.

“You should blame me,” he said.

“I did let you down back then.”

“How about you let me leave if you feel sorry towards me Ive been fine for a long time.

Look if you dont believe me,” Jing Tong said as she lifted the blanket and shook her legs, indicating that she was really fine.

Her long legs were wrapped in her skinny jeans.

Jiang Yu looked away and said, “Why arent you wearing pajamas”

“I changed it in the evening.

I plan to walk over.” She expressed her desire to leave again.

Jiang Yu was rendered speechless.

He didnt have any excuse to keep her here anymore.

He suddenly clenched his hat.

He was a workaholic, and home was a place for him to sleep, but today in the office, he was looking forward to going home when he thought about Jing Tong being at home.

Even if the woman didnt say anything nice, he was willing to listen.

He had once thought she was being noisy, but now, he wanted her to talk to him..

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