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Chapter 995: Her Redemption

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Ji Shiting took a deep breath and said, “Shengge, I wont object to anything you do as long as youre happy, but dont even think about getting a divorce!”

“But I feel terrible.” Ye Shengge closed her eyes and said.

“Id rather leave you and pretend that you still love me than face you like this.”

Ji Shiting pursed his lips.

He wasnt completely unprepared for this outcome, so he didnt want her to know what had happened.

However, she had long realized that Jiang Yu had arrived to confirm her assumption.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Oh, I almost forgot.

You said you liked having sex with me.”

He didnt love her, but he still had desire for her.

Perhaps it was because of his lack of emotions, but the mans desire was even stronger than before.

“If you dont want to see me, we can reduce our meeting time.

Ill stay in the company as much as possible, and you can go for acting.” Ji Shiting swallowed hard.

“But we cant be separated, even if its for the two kids.”

That was why he couldnt bear to part with her.

It was indeed because of the two kids and her status as his wife.

“It wont affect me being a mother if I leave you.” Ye Shengge was more determined.

“Besides, theyll understand me.”

The two kids were used to finding fun on their own, and they didnt need her company all the time.

In the past three years, she had been very busy with work and often went on business trips.

They had never been dissatisfied, and of course, they wouldnt now.

Ji Shiting looked at her calm face and suddenly felt helpless.

After losing his ability to feel any emotions, the most important thing in his life became taking responsibility.

Whether it was work or family, he just needed to pursue that goal and not worry about being controlled by anyone or anything.

Logically speaking, he should feel relieved if they separated.

After all, her expectations were a burden to him but when he thought about her leaving him, he didnt feel relieved, but disappointed and helpless.

Ji Shiting suddenly felt like he was terminally ill and could only wait for her salvation.

If he even gave up on her, dying was the only way out for him.

However, she was too tired.

She had been waiting for him since three years ago, and she had given up all her passion and love, but there would come a day when all her passion would be exhausted.

Why should he ask her to continue giving

However, he couldnt bear to let go.

“Calm down for a few days, Shengge.” Ji Shiting looked at her.

“Dont make this decision in a hurry, okay”

Ye Shengge was dazed, then she nodded and said, “Okay, but let me go first.”

Ji Shiting didnt move.

He pressed his lips against hers as if he wanted to kiss her.

Ye Shengge looked away and said, “Didnt you say you would support me no matter what I do if Im happy I want to go out now.”

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Ji Shiting paused and said, “Why”

“To play.” She smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Ill find a way to pull myself together.”

Ji Shiting looked hesitant, but he nodded and said, “Okay..”

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