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 Ji Wuyou was in pain even while breathing, and he wondered how this person could be so good.

       Fortunately, he did not miss it, and fortunately this person is his.

       He curled his lips and kissed her forehead softly.

       “Did I eveer say, I love you Love, love—”

       This sentence is like a stone falling into a calm lake.

       Su Yan opened her eyes in surprise, and saw Ji Wuyou’s serious and focused eyes staring at her without blinking.

       With the strong emotion in it burning her, the hot Su Yan hurriedly closed her eyes, not daring to look directly at him.


       Ji Wuyou understood, he chuckled, no longer paranoid and scaared about it.

       “It’s okay, you don’t have to say it, I have enough time to wait for your response…”

       And this wait lasted for a lifetime…

       Ji Wuyou’s head was already gray, and he was sitting on a reclining chair in the flowery garden, his breathing was so weak that someone else couldn’t detect it.

       Su Yan turned her eyes slightly and looked at Ji Wuyou, who was no longer as handsome as he used to be.

       She never thought that one day, she would spend her life quietly with a man like this.

       Ji Wuyou was really good to her, filling her empty heart little by little, giving her all the love he could give.

       For her, he learned to cook, do laundry, and clean the house.

       It can be said that at any time he can, he absolutely protects and cares for Su Yan.

       Ji Wuyou loves Su Yan more than his own life.


       Ji Wuyou looked at the blue sky, his life like pictures flashing in his mind, and he smiled contentedly.

       “I am here.”

       Su Yan immediately reached out her hand and held his.

       Tears came out of her eyes, she sniffed and cried like a child.

She is obviously just doing a task, since when did she treat him differently

       A shadow of this person began to live in her heart, and it seems that it’s there to stay for a lifetime.

       “Yanyan, don’t cry—”

       Ji Wuyou trembled, trying to wipe Su Yan’s tears. But he was old, and his hands had no more strength, and it fell down weakly when it was halfway up.

       Su Yan quickly took his hand and pressed it against her cheek.

       She still looked very young, because she was well protected by Ji Wuyou, and looked like she was only forty years old.

       “I’ll feel bad if you cry…” Ji Wuyou smiled, “But I’m still very happy to see you, you cry for me…”

       He looked at Su Yan persistently, trying to engrave her appearance in his heart.

       “You bastard!”

       Su Yan couldn’t hold back her tears at all, she cried even more sadly as she held his hand, “You did it on purpose, on purpose, you wanted me to never forget you in this life and the next!”

       Hearing this, Ji Wuyou smiled cheerfully.

       He nodded generously, “Yes, did I succeed”

       “It doesn’t count.”

       Su Yan wiped away her tears and held his hand tightly, feeling that his body temperature was getting a little bit colder.

       She squeezed out a smile, “You’ve been waiting for the answer all your life, shall I tell you now”

       Ji Wuyou, whose eyes were out of focus, suddenly lit up, and he tried his best to cheer up and looked at Su Yan.

       This person is really-

       Even if he is dying, he can climb out of the grave just to wait for her answer.

       Su Yan bent down, and a gentle kiss landed on his lips.

       Something wet smashed into Ji Wuyou’s eyes.

       He heard the response he had been dreaming of and had been waiting for his whole life.

       “I love you–“

       If there is a next life, I would still like to be with you.

       【Ding! The favorability is full, congratulations to the host for completing the task! 】

Please support me by only reading this on seasalttranslate.wordpress.comTranslator’s Note:~~~~ aahhh jeez that was bittersweet, but the first arc has now officially ended! The next arc is also going to be pretty ~~~~ long lmao, much longer than this one.

If I’m not mistaken about 82 chapters.

Like an actual novel already, but each chapter is pretty short anyway.

If it was a usual long chapter type it would have been around 27 chapters so it’s fine.

The next arc is an Entertainment arc! It’s also pretty heavy so watch out for it!-

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