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Too tragic!

Although he knew that the Black Heart Demon was not a good bird, even Johnny, who was watching from the sidelines, could not bear to look straight at him.

As a pure son of hell, the position of the Black Heart Demon could be said to be above ten thousand people under one person.

Ever since he was born, he had never been so wronged.

Other than his father, Mephisto, no one dared to touch a finger of his.

Originally, Black Heart Demon was full of ambition and carefully planned for hundreds of years.

Taking advantage of Mephisto’s nap, he gave up the power that belonged to him and escaped from hell to come to the human world, just to create a new territory that was no less than his father’s hell.

But now

Before he left, he died first.

Before he could see the Contract of San Venganza, he was pressed to the ground by a man who claimed to be his uncle.

Like a football, Johnny seemed to be able to hear the sound of glass shattering.

It was like crying when one heard it!

“Nephew, Uncle is here.” Not only did Lod take advantage of him, but he also did not show any mercy and specifically greeted the Black Heart Demon.

Bang bang bang…


It was so cool!

It was not easy to meet free targets, and his rough skin and thick flesh were durable for a long time.

It was enough for him to farm some experience for free and Hoho.

Lod did not intend to end it so quickly.

In accordance with the idea of farming as much as he could, Lod did not need zanpakuto at all.

He just punched and kicked at the Black Heart Demon and used the white fighting technique to his heart’s content.

Hoho rushed forward, punched his face, and then disappeared.

He repeated the above actions infinitely.

This was the pain that the Black Heart Demon had experienced in the past ten minutes!

He could not touch, he could not touch!

He was like a ghost, erratic, and completely unpredictable!

Hia face, which was originally a little handsome, was almost swollen like a pig’s head after a series of punches and kicks.

Now, even Mephisto himself might not be able to recognize that this was his son.

“Ah, that’s enough!”

The black demon endured the brutal beating while crazily searching for Lod.

He roared, “You lowly beast, get out here.

If you have the ability, don’t hide.

Come and defeat me in broad daylight!”

Johnny was speechless.

Big brother, do you still have any shame

A dignified Son of Hell, a powerful demon who had inherited a first-rate bloodline, had actually fallen to such a state, shouting in the open with a human!

If Mephisto were to find out about this, would he feel that it was not a disgrace and take action to clear the door

However, Johnny could understand.

After all, anyone who was like a sandbag had been beaten in the air for more than ten minutes, and he could not fight back at all.

He could not keep up with the speed of the other party at all.

He was probably mad with anger!

As for face

Whoever wanted this thing, who wanted it, anyway, the Black Heart Demon did not want it.

He only had one thought in his mind now, at least he had to touch Lod!

Good nephew,

Don’t scream.

Lod, dressed in black, appeared in the soft and bright moonlight.

His lips curved into a faint smile.

“Uncle will give you a chance now.

Use your full strength and let me see how capable you are.”

Anyway, the experience was almost up.

It was time to end it early.

“Damned lowly human, you are not allowed to call me that!” The Black Demon’s anger instantly exploded.

He gritted his teeth and said, “You will regret your arrogance.

I swear I will let you taste the most terrifying death in this world.

Then, you will repent under the flames of hell.

Why did you offend me”

“Save your strength and skip the harsh part.

Hurry up and start.

Try to solve it in ten minutes.

After that, I will go back to sleep.” Lod impatiently curled his index finger, his words full of contempt, completely not putting him in his eyes.

The Black Heart Demon’s face twisted, when had he ever been insulted like this

“Roar – I’m going to kill you”

An ear-piercing scream tore through the night sky, as if it came from hell.

The Black Heart Demon looked like a ferocious ghost, violent magic gathered in his hands, and summoned a miniature black storm out of thin air.

“You are just a lowly human.

It is your honor to die under a hell storm!”

“Could this move be… a hell storm”

When Johnny heard this name, the flames in his pupils jumped violently, and his heart immediately set off a storm.

He said in horror, “Not good, this bastard Black Heart Demon is crazy.

He wants to destroy the entire city!”

From his ancient memories, he had personally witnessed the power of the spell, ‘Hell Storm’!

In the battle for the Infernal Realm in ancient times, Mephisto had personally cast this spell.

At that time, the huge black storm had destroyed several cities, causing an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers to be barren.

It had even almost slaughtered the four Demon Kings of Seven Deadly Sins!

If one were to use human knowledge to evaluate the power of this spell, it would be impossible.

Perhaps it can be called – superhuman level of world-annihilating forbidden magic!

If not for the fact that the Black Heart Demon had gone mad with anger, it was absolutely impossible for him to use such a level of magic in the human world, because without mentioning whether he could succeed or cause much damage, he would basically be dead after the event!

Sorcerer Supreme would never let him go!

Johnny, who had been laughing at the Black Heart Demon for a second, did not expect that he would be suddenly swept into it in the next second.

He immediately curled up in the corner without tears and spread the hellfire all over his body, hoping that it would not be too ugly when he died.


Black Heart Demon, as the son of hell, still has some skills.

Using his hand to surpass the position, to show respect

Unfortunately, you are not Bone King, you don’t have so many world-class props, and he is not Shalltear.

Lod’s eyes moved slightly, and he raised his hand to press hollow, “Space freeze!”

In a thousandth of a second, the entire Dallas City was frozen in time.

All the ordinary humans without spiritual energy, along with most of the buildings, were forcibly transferred to another space and time in an instant.

“Go to hell!”

Black Heart Demon swung his arm, and a miniature black storm flew out of his hand, instantly setting off a surging wave of air.


Under the almost unreserved magic power output, the black storm that was only the size of a palm became dozens of times larger in the blink of an eye.

The black storm was like a giant mouth opened in the abyss.

It greedily and crazily devoured everything.

Even light could not escape its restraint.

The surrounding space showed signs of cracking, and black cracks spread across the night sky!

Then, the air surged into the black storm like a tide within a radius of a thousand meters.

Countless fierce wind pressure was forcibly gathered by the black storm, and then it turned into a huge tornado that was dozens of meters in diameter and reached the sky and the earth below!

The wind inside the huge tornado was so fast that it broke through the sound barrier, and it issued a sound like millions of swords clashing with each other.

It was like a world-destroying giant dragon that had awakened from ancient times flapped its wings and burst out a terrifying power that could destroy the world!


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