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Chapter 548: Possess Lou Mu Yan

With the addition of Thunder Monarch, and Lan Si and the others, the burden on Lou Mu Yan and her party was significantly reduced.

Long Yao and Bing Ji roamed around the various battles while playing dirty from time to time, with space often distorted.

The two who fought against Lou Mu Yan were also killed directly by the one dragon and one bird who assisted her, then finally entered Xue Xue’s stomach.

Although the four Yin Nether Beasts were at Peak-Phase Tier 10, but they were a lot more inferior to the Peak-Phase Tier 10 Thunder Monarch, and it was obvious that his lightning was also the nemesis of the demonic beasts formed by yin’sha aura.

Thunder Monarch quickly dealt with the four Yin Nether Beasts and tossed the four masses of dark fog that were as large as a fingernail to Lou Mu Yan.

“I’ve finished the first thing.” Thunder Monarch paused, then didn’t give Lou Mu Yan a chance to order the second thing, instantly leaping into the deep well where Gu Yan Ran and the two had infused the devil force into their bodies.

His voice echoed in Lou Mu Yan’s ears, “I still have something to do, so I won’t be staying!”

Seeing Thunder Monarch disappear, Lou Mu Yan furrowed her brows and asked Mo Yan: “What’s Thunder Monarch trying to do Could it be that there’s some treasure hidden at the bottom of this dark well”

“Below is a storage place for devil force of the devil race’s altar.

After thousands of years of accumulation, there may be Devil Crystals forming below.

He should be heading for those things.” Mo Yan replied.

Lou Mu Yan thought for a bit then asked: “What’re Devil Crystals What’s it used for”

The things that Thunder Monarch desperately searched for must be extraordinary.

She was considering whether she’d go have a share of the porridge.

Mo Yan knew what Lou Mu Yan was thinking when he saw her appearance and rolled his eyes at her in amusement, “Devil Crystals have the effect of tempering the yao’fu of thunder attribute Demonic Beasts, especially for someone like Thunder Monarch whose from a mutant royal race bloodline, it could induce a second evolution, so it’s very useful to him.”

“Then it’s not useful for you lot” Lou Mu Yan pierced her sword through the second incarnation of the Young Lord of the Hidden City who was battling Ye Qing Han while saying: “If it’s useful to you lot, then let’s go get some too.

Either way, Thunder Monarch doesn’t dare do anything to me.”

Mo Yan listened to her words that sounded like a rogue and who knew why but his long frozen heart was warmed, “It’s not very useful, just let him this time.”

Thunder Monarch and Lou Mu Yan were in a contractual relationship.

Maybe they’d still have situations to use that abnormal monster in the future.

So naturally, the stronger Thunder Monarch was, the better.

Either way, because of the constraints of the contract, it was impossible for them to become enemies.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll let him benefit this time.” Lou Mu Yan shrugged with some pity in her eyes.

“Lou Mu Yan, you actually killed my second incarnation.” The Young Lord of the Hidden City didn’t think that Lou Mu Yan would sneak attack from behind at all.

Seeing that his second incarnation was dragged away by the golden vines from underground, his expression was distorted, “You’re seeking death!”

“I killed it, so what, what’re you so excited for.” Lou Mu Yan waved her blue longsword to meet the attack of the Young Lord of the Hidden City, “I’m just imitating your Hidden Cit’s actions.”

The killers of the Hidden City were all shameless.

Every time there was an assassination attempt, it was a sneak attack.

If they could do it first, then she could do it too.

Her uprightness also depended on people.

She wouldn’t be soft-hearted and feel uneasy if she schemed against enemies.

The Young Lord of the Hidden City was furious and tried his best to kill Lou Mu Yan, but was blocked by Ye Qing Han.

Then Lou Mu Yan and Ye Qing Han joined forces to force the Young Lord of the Hidden City into a very embarrassing situation.

Lou Mu Yan swept the battle on Ming Xiu’s side—it was basically a draw, so she quickened her movements.

What she wanted was to clean up the people around her, then kill the Holy Maiden of the devil race together.

Soon, Lan Si’s subordinates and Ye Qing Han’s spirit pets killed all the remaining human Sword Deities, and as usual, they all entered Xue Xue’s mouth.

After freeing themselves up, the several people and spirit pets joined the battle party that surrounded the Holy Maiden, Young Lord of the Hidden City, and the two Holy Messengers.

This time, Lan Si had obviously unsealed all the seals in his body, revealing his Peak-Phase Sword Deity cultivation base.

The Holy Messenger remained on the inferior side.

His original body was of the Southern Sea King of the Sea Realm.

He was injured by Ming Xiu last time because he was completely unprepared and didn’t use his true strength.

This time, he came prepared, so it was naturally impossible for him to be unable to deal with even the split soul of a Holy Messenger.

With a strike of his palm, Mu Ning’s body retreated step by step and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

If it weren’t for Lou Mu Yan entrusting him the task, Mu Ning, who was possessed by the Holy Messenger, would already be a corpse.

He narrowed his eyes and a blue light flashed in them.

The Holy Messenger who possessed Mu Ning suddenly felt as if her soul was being burned and immediately held her head in pain.

Lan Si took the opportunity to gesture a few times in mid-air with his hands, and a complicated rune emerged from his palm, entering Mu Ning’s sea of consciousness.

The rune quickly found a cloud of red mist hidden in Mu Ning’s sea of consciousness, then turned into a huge net to envelope it and forcibly dragged it out of Mu Ning’s body.

Just when he was about to kill the red mist with the spirit flame, a sudden change occurred.

One saw that the red mist, which was originally enveloped by the big rune net, suddenly let out a sharp cry, then turned into a wisp of red smoke, breaking free from the nest and entering Lou Mu Yan’s body, catching everyone completely unprepared.

The Holy Messenger’s split soul’s act was beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Yan’er/Mu Yan/Owner.” Ming Xiu, Ye Qing Han, and Bing Ji’s anxious voice sounded in unison.

Lou Mu Yan was taken advantage of by the Holy Messenger completely unprepared.

She didn’t expect that she would be possessed.

However, her mental energy had reached the limit of this interface.

If it weren’t for the suppression of this interface’s laws, it would be even more powerful.

Her soul energy was also much stronger than that of many peerless geniuses.

In addition, after obtaining the soul skill inheritance in that hall, she wasn’t worried that she would be taken over by the Holy Messenger of the devil race.

But it wouldn’t be easy to counter-devour and refine or expel it.

Just as Ming Xiu and the others were anxious, and when Lou Mu Yan was about to use her spirit flame after seeing that the Holy Messenger began to invade her sea of consciousness, wanting to take the initiative to control her body, another white light suddenly flew out from Mu Ning’s body and also entered her body.

“What’s going on Why did Mu Ning’s soul energy also enter Owner’s body” Bing Ji tugged Long Yao anxiously and asked: “Does she want to possess Owner’s body too”

Long Yao rolled his eyes at him, “You ask me, who do I ask!”

But the worry in his heart didn’t diminish either.

If something happened to this woman, Ming Xiu would definitely go berserk.

Ming Xiu’s eyes were filled with frost.

He narrowed his phoenix-shaped eyes.

As he dealt with the Holy Maiden’s attacks, he also locked onto Lou Mu Yan.

But the Holy Messenger’s split soul and Mu Ning’s main soul entered Lou Mu Yan’s sea of consciousness together.

He couldn’t interfere it at all.

As his thoughts kept running, he remained secretly vigilant.

As long as Lou Mu Yan revealed any abnormality, then he would use a secret skill to force his soul out of his body to fight.

“Lan Si, you can’t even handle this properly, I really don’t know how you’re the Southern Sea King.” Ye Qing Han glanced at Lan Si coldly and said with mockery.

In his heart, he wanted to tear Lan Si into thousands of pieces, and even wondered if Lan Si was deliberately trying to put Lou Mu Yan in danger.

He had a lot of means now, but he couldn’t do anything about the devil race’s split soul infiltrating Lou Mu Yan’s body.

This feeling of powerlessness made him very irritable.

Lan Si touched his nose, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes, “I was careless.”

He didn’t expect that the Holy Messenger’s split soul could even possess such a secret skill of possessing others.

At the beginning, he had a playful mentality, and this wasn’t intentional.

This truly was called being capsized in the gutter.

Fortunately, Lou Mu Yan was fine for now, otherwise he’d definitely be swallowed alive by all these people here.


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