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“Is it not”

Qin Xi shook her head calmly.

“This is a symptom of spleen deficiency.

If you treat it the way you would treat spleen deficiency, you can eat whatever you want in less than three days.”

Liu Dequan was enlightened.

“I see.

Qin Xi, do you really know medicine But I dont think youve ever taken my pulse.”

“Grandpa Liu, medicine is all about looking, hearing, asking, and feeling.

Looking at your face, I can see that your eyes are dark red, which means that your illness is not serious.

Moreover, I know a little bit of the Qi Observation Technique.”

The Qi Observation Technique was considered a mystic technique.

With it, one could determine the patients health and fortune through the “Qi” around them.

On the first day of her rebirth, through Qi Observation Technique, she observed a black fog on Han Shi.

Qin Xi said a lot, making Liu Dequan dumbfounded.

He stood up excitedly.

“Qin Xi, youre really something.

Wow, you even know about the Qi Observation Technique”

He had once heard from his shifu that Qi Observation Technique was a very advanced medical skill that only existed in legends.

Even the ancient imperial physicians might not have this ability.

Now that Chinese medicine had declined, let alone the Qi Observation Technique, it was difficult for ordinary Chinese medicine doctors to even do the most basic things like taking pulses.

In addition, with the introduction of Western medicine, Chinese medicine was forgotten.

Just as he was about to ask questions, someone suddenly cried outside the door, “Doctor Liu, is Doctor Liu at home Come and save my son, Doctor Liu…”

Liu Dequan quickly ran out and saw a large group of people in the courtyard, among whom, a woman was hugging a five to six-year-old boy and crying for help.

The childs eyes were wide open, his face was purple, and his expression indicated that he was in pain.

He was continuously letting out strange sounds.

His body was drenched in sweat and was stiff.

The situation looked extremely terrifying.

“Doctor Liu, save my son.

I dont know what happened to him.

He was fine this morning… Boohoo…”

This was Li Fuguis family.

The woman holding the child was Li Fuguis wife.

The child was called Li Gang.

Liu Dequans expression was solemn as he quickly instructed, “Quick, put the child on the bed.”

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Actually, when Liu Dequan saw the childs symptoms, he was nervous.

He didnt know what illness it was and wasnt confident in saving the child.

However, as a doctor and a fellow villager, he had to give it his best shot no matter what.

Just as he walked past Qin Xi, Qin Xi said to him in a low voice, “Grandpa Liu, this child is suffering from severe food poisoning.

We can only treat him with acupuncture.”

Food poisoning

Liu Dequan shivered and immediately asked Li Fugui, “What did the child eat this morning”

Li Fugui panicked and cried, “He only ate a big bowl of noodles and a boiled egg.

Doctor Liu, please save him!”

Liu Dequan subconsciously looked at Qin Xi.

She nodded at him with confidence written all across her face, which gave him a trace of hope.

“Grandpa Liu, get everyone out.

Ill perform the acupuncture…”

Liu Dequan gritted his teeth and said to Li Fuguis family, “All of you, go out.

I need to treat the child.

There are too many of you here.”

Qin Xi whispered to Han Shi, “Stone, go to the door and wait.

Dont let anyone in.”

Han Shi nodded obediently and walked out.

“Grandpa Liu, do you have silver needles”



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