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After parting with Cheng Haizhong, Qin Xi and the other two started shopping in town.

Qin Xi suggested buying a tricycle.

It was very useful when it came to moving vegetables around.

Han Dazhu felt that it was feasible, so the three of them came to the only bicycle shop in town.

The shop was not big.

There were five bicycles outside.

In the middle was a brand new tricycle.

Han Dazhus eyes lit up.

He looked at the brand new tricycle and was about to go forward to touch it when he saw a bald middle-aged man with a big stomach walk out of the house.

He was wearing a tank top and flowery pants, and a pair of tattered slippers.

He held a straw fan in his hand and fanned himself from time to time.

“Hey, old man, are you buying it or not If youre not buying it, dont touch it.

Let me tell you, my bicycles are all very expensive.

If you break it, you have to pay!”

The bald man said disdainfully.

Han Dazhu frowned and said in an equally unfriendly tone, “What kind of bicycle is it made of Will it break once I touch it Is it made of paper”

The bald man was furious.

“Hey, old man, are you looking for trouble”

“Were here to buy a tricycle.

What kind of attitude is this” Han Dazhu was infuriated by his condescending attitude.

The bald man sneered.

“Buy a tricycle You want to buy a tricycle Do you have money”

“Are you the owner of this shop” Qin Xi parked the bicycle at the side and looked at the bald man.

The first impression Qin Xi gave people was that she was sweet and likable, but the aura she exuded was very domineering.

She was like a contradiction, making people want to protect her, but at the same time, they found her difficult to control.

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“Wow, this girl is not bad.

Why, are you two together”

The bald man came to Qin Xis side and sized her up with a sinister smile.

“Youre quite good-looking.

If you go out for a meal with me, I can give you a discount of ten yuan.

How about that”

Seeing that someone was going to bully his wife, Han Shi immediately walked over angrily and stood between the two of them.

He looked at the bald man warily and said angrily, “No, your meal stinks! You stink too.

Go home and let your mother wash you! You reek of feces!”

The bald man was so angry that he almost fainted from anger.

He said in a huff, “You bastard, how dare you scold me Ill teach you a lesson.”

As he spoke, he clenched his fists and was about to punch Han Shis handsome face.

Han Shi was not to be outdone.

He clenched his fists and faced the attack.

What a joke.

He even dared to confront a wild boar, let alone an ugly and fat bald man.

The two fists collided.

Other than feeling a little numb, Han Shi did not feel anything.

In the past, when he was free, Han Dazhu would always train Han Shi so that when he was gone, Han Shi and Luo Xiujuan could take care of each other and not be bullied.

Han Shi was fine, but it did not mean that the bald man was fine.

He screamed in pain and held his fists as he spun around.

He cursed, “F*ck you, you little bastard.

Ah, it hurts! Help! Someone is hitting me and wants to steal my bicycle!”

Han Shi was at a loss.

He remembered that Luo Xiujuan had told him not to hit anyone.

Otherwise, he would be arrested.

At this moment, he started to get nervous when he saw the crowd surrounding him.


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