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“You useless thing, useless!” Li Guihua was panting with her hands on her hips.

“Mom, youd better keep quiet.

If Dad finds out that you still have designs on that little b*tch, hell definitely be angry.” Qin Hongtao rubbed the painful spot on his body and said with a grimace.

In their hearts, Qin Xi was not worthy of a name.

Even her parents called her a little b*tch.

No wonder Qin Xi lived a life worse than death in the Qin family.

“Are you stupid”

Li Guihuas wrinkled face was filled with disappointment.

“Isnt that little b*tch usually very obedient to you Call her out and say something nice.

Then, threaten her.

She will definitely hand over the money obediently.

When you get the money back, you can treat her like dirt again.”

Hu Xiaofengs eyes were filled with schemes.

She grinned and said, “Mom, lets discuss it with Dad first.

If he agrees, well go.

If he doesnt, then forget it! If we anger the Han family, that fool and the old cripple will burn our house down.”

Last time, the Han family had caused a huge mess in the house.

If she got the money back and the Han family found out about it, they would come to cause trouble again.

Who would be asked to clean up the mess Of course it would be her.

She did not get to spend a cent of the money and had to clean up the mess.

This didnt sound like a good deal to her.

“You still have the cheek to talk If you hadnt given birth to such a scourge, the 400 yuan would still be in my pocket.” Li Guihuas heart ached at the thought of the 400 yuan.

She pointed at Hu Xiaofeng and cursed.

Hu Xiaofeng rolled her eyes and said with a click of her tongue, “Why are you only pointing a finger at me Can I give birth alone Speaking of which, I think its your Qin familys fault for having bad genetics.”

“You… you jinx, Ill beat you to death!” Li Guihua raised her broom and waved it at Hu Xiaofeng.

Hu Xiaofeng was not to be outdone.

She picked up the shovel beside her and started fighting with her.

In the house, a delicate-looking woman in her twenties was wearing a tight pink dress.

As she watched the commotion outside, an imperceptible scheme flashed across her eyes.

“Mom, did Grandpa really give that little b*tch 400 yuan” The woman was Qin Lan, Zhang Cuiyuns most beloved daughter and Qin Xis cousin.

Speaking of which, the reason why Qin Xi married Han Shi was because she instigated it.

Because she was married to the richest man in the neighboring village, her life was very comfortable.

However, her mother-in-law had always been the one managing the money at home.

She had to ask her mother-in-law for permission to buy anything she wanted.

After a period of time, her mother-in-law started to hold a grudge against her for asking too much.

Some time ago, while shopping in the county city, she took a liking to a dress.

She really wanted to buy it, but she had no money.

On her way back that day, she happened to see Han Shi playing with mud.

She was struck by an idea and told Li Guihua about marrying Qin Xi to Han Shi.

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She did not expect her plan to go so smoothly.

Not only did she successfully get 20 yuan, but she also bought the dress as she wanted.

When she returned to see her parents today, she walked around the village in this dress.

Looking at her, all the girls were green with jealousy.

She was extremely smug.

Her first thought was to show off in front of Qin Xi.

However, when she heard that Qin Xi had gotten 400 yuan, her smugness was replaced by anger.

“Thats right.

Qin Feng, that coward, poisoned the little b*tch to blackmail the Han family.

In the end, Lame Han found out about it and came to make a big fuss.

Not only did Qin Xi cut ties with us, but she also extorted 400 yuan from us!” Zhang Cuiyun looked livid when she recalled what happened.

400 yuan was more than two years of their familys income.

It would be a lie to say if they said they didnt care about it.


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