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Qin Xi ignored the gossip in the village.

At this moment, she looked at Han Dazhu, who was making a wooden bed with smiles on his face.

“Grandpa, no, no need! Ill just sleep with Mom…”

“That wont do Who in the world sleeps with their mother-in-law all the time Youll be made a laughing stock if word goes out.”

Han Dazhu went on making the wooden bed.

Since his granddaughter-in-law said that she wanted to sleep with Stone, he had to do his best to get rid of that third wheel.

Qin Xi was speechless.

Luo Xiujuan, the third wheel, also nodded with a smile.

“Xi, just listen to Grandpa.

Its really not appropriate for me to live with you two.”

Han Shi was the happiest.

He could not wait to sleep with Qin Xi.

He had a silly smile on his face as he jumped around happily.

“Thats great, thats great.

I can finally sleep with my fragrant wife.”

Qin Xi blushed and pinched his arm in embarrassment.

Han Shi rubbed his arm and said aggrievedly, “Wifey, it hurts!”

Han Dazhu laughed and scolded, “You brat, you deserve it.

Qin Xi, if he doesnt listen to you, dont be gentle with him, pinch him as hard as you can.”


The summer night was quiet and peaceful, mixed occasionally with breezes.

Darkness enveloped the house.

Under the faint moonlight, the trees were swaying back and forth as if they were dancing.

Only the sounds of frogs and insects could be heard in the fields.

In the dimly lit room, Qin Xi, who had just finished performing acupuncture, looked at Han Shi, who was naked but covered in silver needles.

Qin Xi couldnt help but glance at a certain place.

Then, she quickly looked away.

Her face was abnormally red, and for some reason, she felt a sense of shame.

This was the first time she had seen a man naked.

Although he was her husband, she still felt weird.

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In fact, her heart began to beat wildly.

“Wifey, how long do I have to wait Its… so embarrassing!” Han Shi, who was wearing nothing, felt uncomfortable and whispered.

Qin Xi patted her hot cheeks and said with a straight face, “Im your wife.

Whats there to be embarrassed about”

“But, but…” Han Shis face and ears were so red that they were burning.

Although his IQ was only five years old, Luo Xiujuan had taught him everything he needed to know, which was why he had such a reaction.

“No buts.

If you speak again, Ill throw you out to feed the mosquitoes.” Qin Xi threatened fiercely.

Han Shi quickly shut his mouth and stopped talking.

After five minutes, Qin Xi placed her hand on his pulse, injecting a trace of true Qi into his body.

The purpose of her doing that was not only to treat the damages and blood clots in his brain, but also to open up his vessels and nerves.

When Han Shi was cut by the knife, she had the idea of letting Han Shi cultivate ancient martial arts with her.

Although Han Shi was not suitable for cultivating ancient martial arts, given how low his IQ was, his body would become stronger after his vessels and nerves were opened up.

After that, she would transfer some of her true Qi to him.

At that time, he would be able to cultivate ancient martial arts several times quicker.

As for the rest, she would think about it when Han Shi fully returned to normal!

As time passed, the true Qi in Qin Xis body was gradually exhausted.

At the same time, Han Shi also felt something strange in his body.

It was as if a small fish was swimming back and forth in his body, making him itchy.

He pursed his lips and looked at Qin Xi.

“Wifey, I feel strange.

It feels like there are many things swimming inside me…”


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