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“Ive never seen such a shameless family like yours.” Luo Xiujuan gritted her teeth and glared at them.

Hu Xiaofeng put her hands on her hips and said pushily, “Cut the crap.

Were here today to take the little b*tch back.

Back then, we were blinded by greed and thought that she could be happy after marrying your fool son.

But I didnt know your Han family was just a den of wolves Not only did you spend her money, but you also abused her and made her go out to sell vegetables.

It turns out that you just treat her as a free labor force!”

Luo Xiujuan was furious.

She pointed at Hu Xiaofeng and said, “You know very well who abused Xi.

Also, you keep calling her a little b*tch.

You are her mother.

Dont you feel ashamed of yourself”

Luo Xiujuan said it implicitly, but everyone knew what she was trying to say.

If Hu Xiaofeng called her daughter a little b*tch, then what was her An old b*tch

Hu Xiaofeng flew into a rage.

She raised her hand to slap Luo Xiujuan, but Han Shi, who was like a guardian, gave her a punch in the stomach.

Hu Xiaofeng staggered back and fell to the ground.

What was funny was that even though the entire Qin family was present, no one came forward to help her.

Even Qin Hongtao was just watching coldly from the side.

It was obvious how bad the Qin family was.

The villagers sticking their heads into the courtyard immediately burst into laughter.

Hu Xiaofeng sat on the ground, her face switching between red and pale.

She got up from the ground and stared at Luo Xiujuan and Han Shi, as if she wanted to skin them alive.

She shouted fiercely, “Damn it, Im going to kill you!”

Qin Guobiao shouted, “Alright, stop it.

Were here today for serious business, not to see you act like a shrew!” He glanced at Qin Hongtao, who was watching the show, and reprimanded, “Hongtao, discipline your wife!”

Qin Hongtao nodded and pulled Hu Xiaofeng away.

“Behave yourself and stop embarrassing me!”

Hu Xiaofeng was still indignant at being humiliated in the public, but since the old man had spoken, she could only hold back her anger for now and find a chance to vent it later on.

Qin Guobiao looked at Luo Xiujuan and said in a low voice, “Han Xiujuan, tell Qin Xi to come out.

As for her marriage with your fool son, Ill make the decision that they are divorced.”

“Yes, they are divorced.

She cant live with a fool!” Li Guihua echoed.

“If you say another word about my son, Ill drag you to hell with me.”

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Luo Xiujuan was on the verge of exploding with anger.

Han Shi was her sore spot.

They had touched her sore spot time and time again.

As a mother, she could no longer remain calm and shouted.

Her eyes were red and filled with killing intent, making everyone present feel a chill run down their spines.

Mama bear instinct was not a joke.

“No matter what, today, we have to take Xi away!”

Qin Guobiao said seriously, “I remember that she and your son havent gotten a marriage license yet, right Since they dont have a marriage license, this marriage doesnt count.

We have the right to take her away!”

Although Han Shi only had an IQ of a five-year-old, his sharp eyes were like that of a wild wolf that had been starved for a few days.

In particular, half of his face was covered in dried blood.

Coupled with his current gaze, he looked extremely terrifying.

He waved the club in his hand and said fiercely, “No, no one is allowed to take my wife away.

If anyone dares to take my wife away, Ill beat them to death!”

“You stupid fool, if you wave it at me again, Ill break your legs!” A man shouted fiercely.

“Ill see who dares!” A female voice came from the door!


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