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Everyone looked over and saw Qin Xi walking in with a domineering aura.

She swept her gaze across everyone present.

“Who are you” Zhang Cuiyun asked Qin Xi with a frown.

When Han Shi saw her, he immediately ran over and complained, “Wifey, youre finally back.

They bullied Mom and me! Look, they even smashed my head with a stone.

It hurts!”

At this moment, there was a deep wound in his forehead.

Dried blood covered half of his face, making him look miserable and terrifying.

However, what shocked everyone was how quickly Han Shi changed his expression and behavior.

Just now, he was snarling at everyone with a ferocious look.

Now that his wife was here, he instantly became a puppy wagging its tail!

“Who hit you”

When Qin Xi saw the blood on Han Shis head, she exuded an intimidating aura.

She gave the crowd a sweeping glance before landing on a man about the age of 27.

“Its him! He ambushed me.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been hit!” Han Shi pointed at the man in disdain.

The Qin family was still immersed in Qin Xis appearance.

They asked in disbelief, “Are you Qin Xi, that little b*tch”

Qin Xi ignored the Qin family and walked straight to Qin Ling.

Her aura was in full swing as she locked her eyes on him.

“You were the one who hit my husband and said that you wanted to break his legs”

Qin Ling was Qin Lans biological brother.

He had bullied the Host a lot since she was young and had even once shoved the Hosts head into a pig trough.

When the Host was feeding the pigs, she accidentally spilled a little.

Coincidentally, Qin Lan stepped on it.

Qin Lan cried and complained and asked her brother to take turns bullying the Host.

At that time, the Host was only seven years old.

She was thin and weak and could not withstand the torture.

After being bullied by them, she had a fever for two days.

While she was having a fever, she was still forced to work.

Sometimes, one should never underestimate the viciousness of a child.

They never cared about the consequences of their actions.

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Qin Ling shouted arrogantly, “I was the one who said that.

Can you… Ahhh!”

Before he could finish his sentence, everyone heard the sound of bones breaking.

Then, they heard the screams of Qin Ling.

The expressions of the Qin family changed drastically.

Qin Lings father, Qin Hongshan, Zhang Cuiyun, his second brother, Qin Gang, and his wife, Lin Keke, were all wide-eyed with belief.

Qin Guobiao flew into a fury.

He strode up to Qin Xi in three steps, waving his hand, and was about to slap Qin Xis face.

He roared, “Stop it, you little b*tch! What are you doing Are you crazy”

Qin Xis eyes narrowed, and her face instantly darkened.

She looked at the big hand coming at her and slapped back with her hand.

Qin Xi only used 30% of her strength in this slap.

30% of an ancient martial artists strength was not something an ordinary person could withstand.

Therefore, Qin Guobiao didnt feel like he had slapped a hand but a rock.

He was in so much pain that his hand started trembling uncontrollably, and a burning pain instantly overwhelmed every nerve in his body.

Just as Qin Guobiao was too painful to utter a sound, he saw Qin Xi clenching her fists and punching Qin Ling right in the head.


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