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With another scream, a walnut-sized bump appeared on Qin Lings forehead in no time.

Although there was no blood, this bump still looked painful.

Moreover, everyone found it unbelievable that Qin Xi had such strength.

Was her fist made of iron

Qin Ling was no longer as arrogant as before.

His vision was blurred as tears welled up in his eyes due to pain.

“Stop it, you little b*tch.

How dare you hit my husband Ill kill you!” Lin Keke rushed up excitedly, wanting to scratch Qin Xis face with her sharp nails.

When she saw Qin Xis bubbly face, she felt consumed with jealousy and wanted to ruin that pretty face.

So, on impulse, she rushed up.

When everyone saw her baring her claws at Qin Xi, they were shocked and thought to themselves, with a swipe of that sharp claw, Qin Xis face will certainly be disfigured.

I didnt expect Lin Keke, who appeared to be the quietest one, turned out to be the most vicious woman in the Qin family.

No one could bear to see a pretty girl become unrecognizable.

They all either looked away or covered their eyes.

When her long nails were about to land on Qin Xis fair face, Lin Keke smiled sinisterly.

Qin Xi snorted disdainfully and casually lifted her leg to kick LIn Keke in the stomach.

Lin Keke screamed and was sent flying, smashing into Li Guihua.


Li Guihua was dealt a huge blow too.

Her back immediately hurt, and she cried out in pain.

“Impressive, impressive, impressive.

Wifey, youre so impressive.

Kill these old baddies!” Han Shi jumped around happily when he saw that his wife had knocked down a few of them.


The corners of Luo Xiujuans mouth twitched.

She quickly grabbed Han Shi and warned him in a low voice, “Behave yourself.

Be careful or your wife will beat you up too!”

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Han Shi quickly covered his mouth and shook his head, indicating that he would stop shouting.

When Zhang Cuiyun saw her son getting beaten up, her eyes got bloodshot.

She picked up the shovel leaning against the wall and raised it high to smash it on Qin Xis head.

She shouted, “Little b*tch, how dare you hit my son Ill smash your head open.”

Everyone gasped again.

Even Luo Xiujuan and Han Shis expressions changed drastically.

They shouted anxiously, “Xi/Wifey, be careful!”

However, they were in a distance and could not stop Zhang Cuiyun in time.

Seeing that the shovel was about to hit her head, Qin Xi picked Qin Ling up to use him as a shield.

The third time …

Everyone heard a loud bang as a miserable scream pierced through the sky.

Everyone subconsciously reached out to cover their heads and were grateful that they werent the ones being hit.

Otherwise, their heads would probably be split open.

“Ah… My dear son! How are you Are you ok Dont scare me!”

Seeing that Qin Lings head was covered in blood, Zhang Cuiyun was so frightened that her face turned pale.

She threw away the bloody shovel in her hand and pounced over.

“How dare you do that to your brother You b*tch, I didnt teach you well all these years.

Today, Ill teach you a lesson in front of the entire village!”

Qin Guobiao did not expect that in the blink of an eye, they would suffer so many casualties.

The anger in his heart was ignited as he pointed at Qin Xi and said sternly.


Qin Guobiao, are you a f*cking mad dog that bites everyone you see”

Outside the door, Han Dazhu strode in, cursing.


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