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Qin Guobiao revealed an embarrassed expression upon seeing Han Dazhu rushing in and scolding him.|

He was already in his seventies.

If he was called a dog in front of the entire village, how could he lift his head up in the future


“Lame Han, watch your mouth!” He shouted back angrily.

“Heh, are you ashamed of yourself I thought your skin was as thick as the city wall.”

Han Dazhu walked to Qin Xis side and glared at the Qin family.

“What brought your entire Qin family here today”

“We are here to take that little b*tch home!” Hu Xiaofeng jumped out and pointed at Qin Xi.

Han Dazhu spat on the ground.

“Get lost.

Its not your place to talk.

Also, you keep calling her a b*tch.

Are you telling me you and your entire family are just a bunch of b*tches”

Everyone burst out laughing.

As expected of the two families, each of them was more sharp-tongued than the other!

Qin Xi almost laughed out loud too.

She felt that Grandpa Han was very cute.

Han Shi added, pointing at Qin Guobiao and dancing with joy.

“Yes, youre old b*tch! Old b*tch!”

“Hahahahaha…” The elders who were watching the show laughed out loud, revealing their toothless mouths.

Qin Guobiao was so angry that he kept stomping his feet.

His face was livid as he pointed at Han Shi and looked at Han Dazhu.

“Lame Han, is this how you teach your grandson”

“What Hes much better than the scums you raised!” Han Dazhu pointed at the Qin family and said proudly.


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Qin Guobiao used to be a teacher for a few years, so he considered himself.


However, he was stubborn, inflexible, pedantic, and stubborn.

He even thought that he was the head of the Qin family who had a say in everything.

Knowing that Han Dazhu was just a brute, he calmed down and said, “I dont want to waste my breath on you.

Im here to take her away today!”

“What a joke.

Qin Guobiao, did you get kicked in the head by a donkey” Han Dazhu almost laughed out of anger.

He had never heard of a married daughter being taken back.

He pointed at the Qin family and scolded, “Also, who was the one who chased Qin Xi out a few days ago and cut ties with her Do you think this is childs play Do you think you can go back on your words just like that”

Qin Guobiao was embarrassed.

He said in a muffled voice, “This marriage doesnt count.

Without a marriage license, theyre not a real married couple.”

“Marriage license Oh, they were going to get a marriage license that day, but Qin Xi was poisoned by that bastard grandson of yours.

How dare you have the cheeks to bring that up” Han Dazhu pointed at Qin Feng, who was hiding in the back.

Qin Guobiao said coldly, “Weve already compensated her.

You dont have to bring that matter up! No matter what, theyre not officially married until they have a marriage license.

Im her grandfather.

If I want to take her away, no one can stop me.”

“Lets see who dares!”

Han Dazhu stood there like an iron tower.

He looked at Qin Guobiao with a burning gaze.

“Old thing, are you blind Cant you read what is written on the contract”

“Im her grandfather!” Qin Guobiao said vocally.

“F*ck off.

Do you really think youre worthy of being her grandfather Having been a teacher for a few years doesnt make you any better than others.

Qin Guobiao, do you know what kind of people are most despicable The ones who dont know shame, and you are definitely one of the people.

Take your family and get lost.

If you dont get lost, Ill beat you up.” As he spoke, Han Dazhu picked up the blood-stained shovel on the ground and was about to raise it.


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