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At nine oclock the next day, while the men of the Qin family were busy farming, Qin Xi was lying on a simple stretcher made of floral cloth, carried by Han Shi and Luo Xiujuan, while Han Dazhu led the way aggressively to the Qin family.

Looking at their fierce expressions, the uncles and aunties in the village came to the Qin familys house to watch the show.

They climbed up the wall and crowded the doorway, eager to take a peep at what was going on.


Han Dazhu pointed at the door of the Qin family and shouted to Han Shi, “Stone, go and knock!”

Han Shi was very obedient.

He nodded and put down Qin Xi before going up to give the door some heavy knocks.

The door was made of a few wooden planks.

After being exposed to the weather, it could not withstand the knocking.

With a crack, the wooden plank fell to the ground!


Seeing this, Han Shi barged into the courtyard and kicked the wall made of mud.

The wall could not withstand the kick and immediately collapsed.


He was like Hercules of the current era, destroying everything that got in his way.

Not long after, the courtyard was in a mess.


In the courtyard, two large porcelain jars, each half the height of a person, were smashed to pieces.

The water and pickled vegetables inside were scattered all over the ground.


“Who is it Who is knocking on the door so early in the morning Dont you know that Im sleeping” Hearing the noises outside, an old woman immediately cursed.


As soon as she finished speaking, Han Shi stopped and carried Qin Xi in with Luo Xiujuan.

It was the hottest time of July, but Qin Xi was covered in a thick blanket, curling up on the stretcher.

She was skinny and her face was ashen.

Her short hair was messy like a hens nest.

Not only that, her chest didnt seem to be heaving.

If not for the painful expression on her face, everyone would have thought that she was dead.

At the same time, the door opened with a creak and an old lady walked out.

This person was Qin Xis grandmother, Li Guihua.

Behind Li Guihua were two middle-aged women.

The thin one was Zhang Cuiyun, the daughter-in-law of the eldest branch.

The slightly plump woman was Hu Xiaofeng, the mother of Qin Feng and Qin Xi!


They did not seem to see Qin Xi, who was terminally ill.

Their eyes swept across the messy courtyard.

Li Guihua was furious.

She pointed at Han Dazhu and cursed fiercely, “You old thing, how dare you smash my courtyard Oh, my courtyard… Oh, Lame Han, youre going too far! Youre bullying me, an old and weak woman.

How horrendous…”

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With that, she sat on the ground and started rolling around, cursing.

“Old Madam, save it.

Acting like a three-year-old is not gonna work.

Im here to settle the score with Qin Feng! Call Qin Feng out.

If he doesnt come out, Ill send him to where he is supposed to go!” Han Dazhu shouted righteously.

“Looking for Feng Why are you looking for Feng” Hu Xiaofeng put her hands on her hips and asked arrogantly.

Han Dazhu pointed at Qin Xi.

“Did you see that This is your daughter.

Shes already on her last breath.

It wont be long before she dies.

Your son is really a snake.

In order to blackmail me, he poisoned her.

What do you think Im here for now A life for a life!”

“Poison No wonder this girl looks so pale.

Shes poisoned!”

“Oh my god, Qin Feng actually poisoned his own sister What a heartless beast!”

“Its not the first day I know the Qin family.

They have no conscience…”

“Sigh, what a pitiful girl!”


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