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Liu Dequan had long expected her to ask this question and was prepared with an answer.

“His head is injured, not anywhere else.

Also, I just took his pulse, and hes still in shock.

If you dont want him to leave any sequela, do as I say.

In addition, I will also treat his leg.

Do you still think 10 Yuan is too much”

“Not too much, not too much.

10 yuan is a reasonable price.

However, Doctor Liu, I came in a hurry and only had 5 yuan on me.

Can we… Can we pay back the rest next time”

Zhang Cuihua rolled her eyes and said, “Next time, when we fall sick and come to get treated, well make it up.

How about that”

She took out a few notes from her pocket and put them together.

She handed them to Liu Dequan with a smile.

Throughout the entire time, Qin Xi and Han Shi had been watching from the side and laughing from time to time, making Lin Keke grit her teeth and want to bite the two of them to death.

“That works.”

Liu Dequan took the five yuan and said happily, “Then Ill only treat half of his injury.

When you bring the rest of the money, Ill treat him the rest! Oh right, I forgot to tell you.

He might have a fever tonight.

If it doesnt go down, hell be in big trouble!”

“Big trouble What big trouble” Lin Keke asked subconsciously.

Liu Dequan shook his head with a sad look.

“Its very likely that his brain will be damaged.”

Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke were so frightened that their faces turned pale.

Zhang Cuiyun said to Lin Keke in a panic, “Keke, go back and ask for another five yuan!”

“Okay, okay!” Lin Keke turned around and ran back.

Qin Xi stole a glance at Liu Dequan.

The two of them smiled meaningfully at each other and looked away.

Han Shi looked at his wife and then at Liu Dequan.

He pouted and moved his body to sit between the two of them, blocking Qin Xi, who was only 165 centimeters tall.

Although Han Shi only had the IQ of a five-year-old, he was tall and sturdy.

Among the villages in this area, he and Han Dazhu were the tallest.

The two of them were almost 187 centimeters tall.

Moreover, Han Shis figure was also in the golden ratio.

If not for the problem with his IQ, with Han Shis looks, he would definitely be some kind of celebrity in the village.

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Liu Dequan frowned.

He could tell that Han Shi was doing it on purpose.

Zhang Cuiyun smiled hypocritically and said, “Doctor Liu, look, my daughter-in-law already went to get the money.

Can you start the treatment now”

“Alright, Ill treat his leg first.

Lets go in!” Liu Dequan stood up and walked into the house.

THe house had three rooms.

One was for Liu Dequan and his wife, and one was for his son.

His son was in the city and rarely came back.

The other was a simple consultation room where patients were treated.

When they arrived at the consultation room, Liu Dequan asked Qin Ling to lie on the wooden bed.

Then, he looked at Zhang Cuiyun and said, “Leave.

Xi, stay with me!”

Zhang Cuiyun was displeased.

“Doctor Liu, why can she stay but not me Qin Ling is my son.”

Liu Dequan said faintly, “No one is snatching your son from you.

Xi is my student now, so I naturally want her to stay.”

Zhang Cuiyuns eyes were filled with disbelief.

She blurted out, “What Doctor Liu, are you crazy Why did you take her in as your disciple What right does she have to be your disciple Shes just a b*tch who doesnt know anything.

She probably doesnt even know how to count to 100.”

Liu Dequans face immediately darkened as he shouted angrily, “Shut up!”


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