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Liu Dequan did not notice their expressions.

Instead, he said to Qin Xi excitedly, “Im still a little clumsy this time.

Next time, Ill try my best to satisfy you.”

Qin Xi smiled faintly.

“Grandpa Liu, dont say that.

Actually, you already did a good job.”

Liu Dequan blushed.

He rubbed his hands and said excitedly, “Im already so old.

If I cant satisfy you, all my years of training will be in vain.”


Hearing their conversation, Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke looked at each other with disdain and gloating in their eyes.

Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke quickly walked forward and asked, “Doctor Liu, hows my son”

Zhang Cuiyun actually wanted to ask what they had been doing in the room.

However, on second thought, if she really asked, they would definitely deny it.

If they really had an affair, she would make use of this matter to ruin Qin Xi and avenge her son.

Facing the two of them, Liu Dequan instantly put on a cold face.

He said flatly, “Hes fine now.

Take him back to rest.

Pay the rest and come with me to get the medicine.”

Lin Keke quickly took out five yuan and handed it to him.

Liu Dequan took the money and looked at Qin Xi with a smile.

“Go in and rest for a while.

Youre tired.

Ill get my wife to make something delicious for you.”

Qin Xi glanced at Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke, who had strange expressions on their faces, and shook her head.

“Dont trouble Grandma Liu.

Ill wait for you in the courtyard.

Lets go to Uncle Lius house together!”

Liu Dequan perked up and said excitedly, “Alright, wait for a while.”

Lin Keke and Liu Dequan went to get the chinese herbs while Zhang Cuiyun and Qin Xi were left to stand there looking at each other.

Zhang Cuiyun looked at Qin Xi with a strange gaze, making Qin Xi very uncomfortable..

At this moment, Han Shi ran over with a piece of watermelon.

Qin Xi couldnt be bothered with Zhang Cuiyun anymore.

She took the watermelon and sat under the tree with Han Shi.

After getting the herbs, Zhang Cuiyun and Lin Keke helped Qin Ling leave.

However, before they left, Zhang Cuiyun gave Qin Xi a meaningful look filled with malice.

Qin Xi thought to herself, tsk, there must be something wrong with her.

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After eating two pieces of iced watermelon, Qin Xi and the other two went to Liu Shuans house.

Village Chief Liu lived at the front of the village, while Liu Dequan lived at the end of the village.

The village was not big, but it was not small either.

There were at least a hundred families.

The three of them took a shortcut and arrived in ten minutes.

“Second Uncle Why are you here”

As soon as the three of them arrived, the yellow dog in the courtyard started barking.

Liu Shuan came out of the house and asked in surprise when he saw that it was Liu Dequan.

“Shuan Zi, Im here to see Caiyun.

Xi said that your wife is relapsing.

I wanted to see how shes doing,” Liu Dequan said.

Although Liu Shuan was grateful, he knew that Liu Dequan could not treat his wifes illness at all.

If he could, he would not have done so long ago.

“Second Uncle, didnt you say that you couldnt treat her last time Why this time…” Liu Shuan asked tentatively.

Liu Dequan walked into the house and could already feel the difference in temperature.

He said in surprise, “Do you have to keep the room temperature so high It wasnt this high in the past.”

Liu Shuan said with a worried look, “Second Uncle, Im afraid Caiyun wont be able to make it this year!”

“That serious” Liu Dequan gasped and subconsciously looked at Qin Xi.

Qin Xi asked solemnly, “Where is she”


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