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However, what they didnt know was that Xiao Caiyuns falling into the river wasnt really a coincidence.

This was because Qin Xi saw a spiritual body, namely soul, in this ball of Yin energy, which was actually a water ghost hiding in the river.

This kind of spiritual body that was drowned in the water was filled with resentment.

As long as there was a chance, it would attach itself to a person and absorb their lifespan.

The reason why Xiao Caiyun became like this was also because her lifespan was being sucked dry.

After learning the whole story, Qin Xi opened her eyes and slowly exhaled.

After absorbing the Yin energy, she clearly felt that the True Qi in her body had become much richer.

She was overjoyed and almost laughed out loud.

Fortunately, she realized that it wasnt an appropriate time to laugh.

Liu Dequan looked at Qin Xi in confusion and asked, “Xi, what were you doing”

“Grandpa Liu, Uncle Liu, Auntie Liu is not really sick.

Shes infected by something unclean.

To put it another way, shes plagued by evil spirits.

I dont have any artifacts or talismans with me, so I can only temporarily stabilize her,” Qin Xi said with a solemn expression.

Liu Dequan was shocked.

“Xi, is what you said true You know mystic techniques too”

Qin Xi nodded.

“Grandpa Liu, I study mystic medicine.

Mystic medicine is the most ancient medical technique.

It also includes a lot of mystic techniques.”

Liu Shuan, who was dumbfounded, did not know anything about mysticism, but he understood one thing.

There was something unclean infecting his wife.

He was shocked and said excitedly, “What did you say Caiyun has something unclean on her How did you know”

Qin Xi said seriously, “Uncle Liu, whether you believe me or not, what I said is true.

Ill give Auntie Liu acupuncture now to temporarily stabilize the Yin energy in her body and make her normal again.

When I have time to go to the town or the city to buy talisman paper, I can help Auntie Liu exorcise the evil spirit.”

Liu Dequan also comforted Liu Shuan at the right time.

“Dont get too excited.

Since Xi said that she can be treated, she can be treated.

With my vouch, what are you afraid of”

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Liu Shuan opened his mouth and glanced at Xiao Caiyun, who was wrapped like a dumpling.

In the end, he did not say anything.

Qin Xi opened the acupuncture bag and said, “I need to perform acupuncture on her.

Uncle Liu, remove the blankets.”

It was too hot in the room.

After staying for a while, the few of them were already drenched in sweat.

Qin Xi was not affected.

The mystic medical technique could help her regulate the body temperature to adjust to the environment.

She actually felt quite cool despite being in the sauna room.

Han Shi, who was closest to her, seemed to feel coolness coming out of his wifes body, so he stayed obediently by her side without making a sound.

Liu Shuan gritted his teeth and lifted Xiao Caiyuns blankets.

In just a few days, Xiao Caiyun had lost so much weight that she became unrecognizable.

“Cold, cold, so cold!”

As soon as the blankets were removed, Xiao Caiyun shivered from the cold.

She opened her eyes in a daze and wanted to cover herself with the blankets.

Seeing this, Liu Shuan almost cried.

He quickly went forward and said gently, “Caiyun, itll be done soon.

Second Uncle and the others are here to treat you.”

“Its so cold, Shuan, Im so cold!” Xiao Caiyun said unconsciously, her teeth were chattering.

“Uncle Liu, move aside.

Ill perform it now.”

With that, Qin Xi tapped Xiao Caiyun on the neck.

Xiao Caiyun immediately lost consciousness.

Liu Shuan was anxious.

“Hey, what are you doing”

“Can you calm down and be normal Xi is treating your wife.

Dont disturb her.

Wait at the side!”

Liu Dequan grabbed Liu Shuans hand and reprimanded him under his breath.


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