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“No buts.

Just believe me.”

Liu Shuan wanted to say something.

He still found it unbelievable that Qin Xi had suddenly become a doctor.

However, since his second uncle said so, he had no choice but to wait.

Han Shi moved to Liu Shus side and said in a serious tone, “My wife is very capable.

You have to believe her.”

Liu Dequan narrowed his eyes and said, “Look, even Stone has already said so.

Just wait and see.”

Liu Shuan was put on the spot.

A fool and a lunatic.

Who should he believe

However, as Qin Xi performed acupuncture, Liu Shuan, who thought that he had seen a fair share of shocking things in his life, was shocked.

He widened his eyes and tried to see the silver needle in Qin Xis hand, but he realized that he couldnt catch up with the speed at all.

“Second Uncle, she…”

Liu Shuan turned his head and was about to ask Liu Dequan when he received a death stare from Liu Dequan and Han Shi.

He could only shut his mouth and swallow what was on the tip of his tongue!

Half an hour later.

Qin Xi retracted her hand with a pale face.

She was covered in sweat and her body was trembling slightly.

Seeing this, Han Shi immediately pulled her into his arms.

In Han Shis arms, she looked like a little kitten.

“Hows Caiyun” Liu Shu asked anxiously.

Qin Xi said tiredly, “Ive suppressed the Yin energy in her body for the time being.

During this period of time, shell be normal.

Its too hot here.

Get a comfortable room for Auntie Liu.

Ill take the time to go to the city to see if there are any talisman papers.”

“Huh Thats it Then why isnt Caiyun awake” Liu Shu asked worriedly.

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Qin Xi explained, “Shes tired.

Shes been through a lot recently.

Let her sleep for three hours.

Shell be fine after getting up and eating something.”

Liu Shuan still wanted to ask something, but when Liu Dequan saw that Qin Xi was exhausted, he said, “If you have anything else to ask, just ask me.

Xi has just finished acupuncture and is tired.

At least let her rest.”

“Oh, Im sorry.

I was in too much anxiety and forgot about it,” Liu Shuan said apologetically when he saw that Qin Xi could barely stand on her own.

“Its fine, Uncle Liu.

If theres anything, look for me at the Han family.

Im a little tired.

Ill take my leave first.”

Qin Xi nodded at him and left with Han Shi, leaving Liu Dequan to observe the progress.

Looking at their departing figures, Liu Shuan asked, “Second Uncle, whats her background”

Liu Dequan shrugged his shoulders.

“Only God knows.”


Qin Xi and Han Shi got back on the road.

Qin Xis mystic medicine technique was circulating quickly, replenishing the true qi in her body.

Her face was no longer so pale.

As she walked slowly, Han Shi suddenly squatted in front of her and said, “Wifey, Ill carry you home.”

Qin Xi looked at the mans broad shoulder in a daze and felt a warmth in her heart.

She looked around and saw that the street was empty.

She bit her lower lip and climbed up shyly.

This was the first time she was carried by someone other than her father.

She felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction, especially since Han Shis shoulder was wide and thick.

It was like the feeling of being behind her father when she was young.

It gave her an indescribable sense of security.

After they left, a figure walked out from behind the wall.

It was none other than Qin Lings wife, Lin Keke.

The reason why Qin Xi didnt notice her was that firstly, she felt that there was no danger here, and secondly, she had just consumed a lot of true Qi and her perception was greatly weakened.

She probably did not expect she would be followed in such a place!


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