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At night.

Qin Xi gave Han Shi another acupuncture.

This time, Han Shi wasnt naked like the first time.

This time, Qin Xi focused all her attention on the blood clot in his brain.

She planned to wait for the blood clot to completely disappear before using the Taiyi Acupuncture Technique to repair his brain nerves.

At that time, he would be able to live a normal life.

However, she wondered if he would still be her stone at that time.

Qin Xi could tell that Han Shi would definitely not be an ordinary person in the future.

Although he was born an ordinary person, he was fated to reach the heights that others couldnt even dream of.

At that time, would their marriage still be valid

Just as she was letting her imagination run wild, Han Shi suddenly asked, “Wifey, why didnt I have to be naked this time”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched as she asked, “You want to take it off”

“I dont want to.”

Han Shi shook his head and continued with a serious expression, “But if you want to see it, Ill take it off!”

Qin Xis face was already red to begin with.

Now it was burning, spreading out across her entire face.

Her heart was pounding.

She glared at him and denied, stammering, “Who wants to see you naked Who wants to see you naked Not me.

I dont want to see you naked.”

Qin Xi snorted angrily and turned around to ignore him.

Seeing that she was ignoring him, Han Shi panicked.

He didnt know what he had said wrong.

He knelt on the bed and carefully held Qin Xis soft and smooth hand and said nervously, “Wifey, dont be angry with me, okay If youre angry, you can hit me.

I wont hit back.”

Qin Xis heart softened when she saw him like this.

She remembered Luo Xiujuan telling her that not only did Han Shi not have any friends since he was young, but he was also often bullied.

When she thought of that scene, she felt terrible.

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She held Han Shis hand back.

“Im not angry with you, and I wont hit you.

Stone, around me, you dont have to be so gun-shy.

Im the closest person to you in your life.

Im your wife.

You have to treat me well, understand”

“I know, I know.

As long as youre not angry with me, Ill listen to everything you say.” Han Shi nodded happily.

After the lights were turned off, moonlight shone into the room, forming a pool of light on the floor.

Qin Xis breathing gradually calmed down.

At this moment, Han Shi suddenly opened one of his eyes.

Then, he carefully crawled into Qin Xis blanket.

He smelled the faint fragrance beside him and gradually fell asleep.


The night passed uneventfully.

The next day, Qin Xi woke up early and brought Han Shi, who was still sleepy, out to exercise with her and Han Dazhu.

Qin Xi found a cultivation technique that was very suitable for his physique and asked him to memorize it.

Han Shi was very smart and was quick on the uptake.

If he had a normal IQ, Qin Xi believed that Han Shis future would definitely be bright.

When it was about time, the three of them drove the tricycle full of vegetables to town.

The spot they occupied yesterday was already taken.

The three of them had no choice but to set the stall up in an inconspicuous place.

As soon as they laid out the carpet, the old men and women who had bought vegetables yesterday swarmed over.

“Young girl, youre a little late today.

We came early in the morning and were waiting for you!”

The person who spoke was the auntie whose constipation was cured yesterday.

She grabbed the carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables and asked Qin Xi for the price.

She looked like she was going to eat all the vegetables right away.

Qin Xi smiled radiantly at the auntie and said, “Its you, Auntie.

How are you feeling today Are you feeling better”

Just as the auntie was about to speak, a group of people rushed over aggressively, stepping on the cabbage Qin Xi had just taken out of the sack.


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