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A good cabbage was trampled on and smashed just like that.

Qin Xi was furious.

When the surrounding people who were fighting over the vegetables saw this, they immediately took a few steps back in fright.

“Whose stall is this”

A blonde-haired young man was looking at Han Dazhu arrogantly.

Behind him were six or seven hooligans with the same arrogant expression, and the cabbage was trampled on by the yellow-haired man.

“Its mine.

What do you want” Instead of giving him a fierce look, Qin Xi smiled nicely.

However, Han Dazhu, who knew her temper, knew that Qin Xi was truly angry..

Just as Han Dazhu was about to go forward to argue with them, Qin Xi stopped him.

“Grandpa, take good care of Stone.

Ill deal with them.”

After thinking for a moment, Han Dazhu said in a low voice with a worried expression, “Just teach them a lesson.

Dont hit them too hard! If you hit them too hard, youll have to pay for their medical bills.

Its not worth it!”

Qin Xi smiled smugly.

“Got it!”


Only then did the blonde-haired man see Qin Xis face clearly.

He sized her up from head to toe and teased playfully, “You look quite pretty.

Come with me.

Were all famous people around here.

I can give you a comfortable life.

How about that”

Qin Xi crossed her arms and glanced at him expressionlessly.

“Doesnt sound like a good idea.

You crushed my cabbage.

Give me the money.”

“Wow, I didnt expect this pretty girl to have a short temper.”

The blond-haired man laughed out loud and reached out, wanting to pinch Qin Xis cheek.

However, before he could touch Qin Xi, he felt a pain in his stomach and was sent flying by a strong force.

Hearing the mans scream, his lackeys subconsciously caught him and asked.

You are reading on MYBO XN 0 V E L.


“Brother Er Mao, how are you”

“Who the hell is courting death and hitting Brother Er Mao Show yourself! Well break our legs.”

“Damn it, crush all the vegetables!”

Seeing that they were about to step on the vegetables, Qin Xi snorted coldly.

In a flash, she swept her leg across the hooligans, causing them to fall to the ground on their butt.

She frowned and coldly asked, “Tell me, who asked you to come to cause trouble”

The blonde-haired man smiled sinisterly and threatened, “Little bitch, do you know who I am”

Qin Xi put a hand behind her ear, as if she was all ears.

“How are you You bastard, why should I know who you are Im not your mother.”

The onlookers couldnt help but burst into laughter.

The man exploded with anger when he was called a bastard.

He pointed at Qin Xi and said angrily, “B*tch, if I dont kill you today, Ill go by your surname.

Brothers, show her what we are made of.

I want this chick to kneel on the street and lick my shoes.”

A few hooligans took out clubs from behind their backs and swung them at Qin Xis arms and legs.


The clubs let out a whooshing sound.

Han Shis eyes darkened.

He subconsciously wanted to rush up, but Han Dazhu grabbed him and pulled him back, warning, “Dont cause trouble.

Your wife can handle it herself.”

Not to mention Qin Xi, even he could easily beat these bastards up.

“But they are bullying my wife.” Han Shi was so anxious that he kept stomping his feet.

Han Dazhu slapped the back of his head.

“Look carefully.

Whos bullying who”


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