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In the end, the hooligans could only together fork up six yuan.

Qin Xi showed some mercy and let them go after taking the money.

After chasing away the hooligans, the aunties and uncles surrounded Qin Xis stall again.

In just half an hour, all the vegetables were gone.

When the other stall owners saw this scene, they wanted to cry.

They went back home early today.

At ten oclock, they were already back.

Luo Xiujuan was surprised.

“Why are you back so early today”

Han Dazhu said happily, “Because we sold all the vegetables early!”

At this moment, a shout came from outside the door.

“Is Brother Han home”

From the sound of it, it should be Liu Dequan.

He probably knew that they were going to the town to sell vegetables and only left Luo Xiujuan at home, so he thought it was inappropriate to enter without permission.

“Brother Liu, whats the matter Come in and talk!” Han Dazhu pushed the tricycle to the corner and went to open the door.

“Brother Han, this person is here looking for Xi Do you know him” Liu Dequan pointed at the man behind him.

Han Dazhu took a look at the person and remembered that he was the factory manager they met last time.

Why was he here

He drove here this time.

Many children surrounded the Jetta with curiosity, but no one touched it, afraid that if they dirtied it, they had to pay.

Cheng Haizhong did not mind as long as the children did not throw stones at the car.

Seeing Han Dazhu come out, he walked forward and said warmly, “Uncle Han, its me, Cheng Haizhong, the one who bought your vegetables last time.”

Han Dazhu moved aside to let him in.

“Of course I remember you.

Youre the manager of a factory in Yangyuan County.

You are, sorry, I forgot your surname.”

Cheng Haizhong chuckled and said with a bright smile, “Uncle Han, my surname is Cheng.

You can just call me Cheng.”

“Ah, Cheng, what brought you here today” Han Dazhu pointed at the shade of the tree in the courtyard and gestured for him to sit over there.

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However, what he did not understand was how this person found the address.

If he remembered correctly, he did not tell him the address back then!

Seeing that a guest was here, Luo Xiujuan quickly went into the house to make a pot of cold tea.

“Manager Cheng!” Qin Xi went forward to greet him.

Cheng Haizhong said with a smile, “Miss Qin, my friend, we met again.

I have to thank you for your vegetables.

My father was full of praise after eating these vegetables.

Hes also in good spirits and can eat and sleep well now!”

“Also, didnt I tell you last time not to call me Manager Just call me Uncle Cheng.”

“Uncle Cheng!”

Qin Xi did not refuse.

She smiled faintly and tugged at Han Shis shirt.

“Stone, this is Uncle Cheng.

Greet him.”

Only then did Han Shi look at Cheng Haizhong and call out like a child, “Uncle Cheng!”

After greeting him, Han Shi asked in a low voice, “Wifey, can I go out and play now”

Qin Xi nodded and reminded, “Youre not allowed to go too far or fight.

Come back early.

Itll be meal time soon.”

Han Shi nodded obediently.

“Okay, Ill be a good boy!”

With that, he disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Cheng Haizhong finally understood why he felt that something was unusual between the couple.

“Uncle Cheng, what brought you here” Qin Xi asked directly.

Cheng Haizhong nodded and said with a smile, “My father likes your vegetables very much and asked me to come over and buy more.”

Of course, not only did his father like it, but so did his relatives.

Over the past two days, his relatives came to his house almost every day to freeload and quickly devoured vegetables.

Cheng Haizhongs father was angry, but these people were so thick-skinned that he couldnt chase them away.

In the end, he could only place his hopes on Cheng Haizhong and ask him to think of a way to buy more.


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