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The surrounding people discussed and pointed a finger at Li Guihua and the others.

Hu Xiaofeng glanced at Qin Xi.

There was no love in her eyes, only disgust.

“Why did you bring her here Go, go, go.

Dont let her die in my house.

Its gonna bring bad luck.”


Everyone was speechless.

Was that supposed to come out of the mouth of a mother Was she even worthy of being a mother

Luo Xiujuans heart tightened.

“How can you say that Xi is your daughter.”

Hu Xiaofeng raised her head.

“Its none of your business what I want to say.”

Han Dazhu said fiercely, “Dont waste your breath on her.

Im here today to look for Qin Feng.

Get that little bastard to come out.

Let me tell you, if he doesnt come out, Ill send him to the police station.”

‘The police station

In this era, a police station was equivalent to a prison.

Everyone was afraid of the police.

Even if they didnt do anything wrong, they were subconsciously afraid like the way primary school kids were afraid of their teachers.

At the mention of the police station, they immediately knew that things might not be a simple matter.

They quickly called their relatives over to watch the show.

Hu Xiaofeng was anxious.

She was an uncultured village woman.

When she heard that her son was going to the police station, she roared and was about to rush over to fight Han Dazhu.

Her son was her life.

How could she let him go to a place like the police station No, definitely not…

“You old prick, how dare you accuse my son I wont let you off!”

Hu Xiaofeng bared her fangs and brandished her claws at Han Dazhu.

If she really caught him, his entire face would probably be scratched into a mess.

Han Dazhu snorted and easily dodged her claws.

He raised his walking stick and hit her waist.

Hu Xiaofeng cried out and fell to the ground.

Hu Xiaofeng laid on the ground and rolled around, crying and cursing, “Murder, murder.

Lame Han is murdering.

Theres no justice in this world.

Qin Hongtao, come out and take a look.

The Han family is coming to kill us all.”

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Qin Hongtao was Qin Xis father.

Like Qin Feng, he was deadbeat and lazy, living off his family.


After drinking himself to oblivion last night, he was still sleeping soundly in his room.

Qin Hongtao wasnt woken up by the shout and came out.

Instead, Qin Guobiao did.

“Whats going on Han Dazhu, what are you doing” Qin Guobiao saw that the courtyard was in a mess and that his wife and his second daughter-in-law were crying on the ground.

His face darkened and he immediately shot Han Dazhu an angry look.

“What I am doing”

Han Dazhu was furious.

He thumped his walking stick on the ground and pointed it at Qin Xi.

“Your precious grandson, Qin Feng, Xis brother, in order to repay his gambling debts, he poisoned her and wanted to use her death to blackmail me.

What do you think Im doing here Of course I want Qin Feng to pay for my granddaughter-in-laws death!”

Hu Xiaofeng was furious.

She got up from the ground and was about to pounce on Han Dazhu again, but when she saw the walking stick in Han Dazhus hand, she took a step back and shouted from a safe distance, “What You want my son to pay with his life Are you crazy If that wicked girl dies, so be it.

Why do you want my son to pay with his life”


Everyone booed.

Was this something a mother would say

Everyone in the village knew that the Qin family treated Qin Xi terribly, but they didnt know that her life was so cheap and insignificant in the eyes of her mother.

Han Dazhu retorted, “Hmph, now that Xi is my granddaughter-in-law, shes a member of the Han family.

If you dont give her justice, Ill do it! Now, get Qin Feng out immediately.

Otherwise, Ill go to the police station.”

“Lets see who dares.”


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