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Han Dazhu immediately said proudly, “Hahaha, Cheng, its not that I want to brag about it, but my vegetables are absolutely fresh and healthy.

Its also very good for your health.

Youve eaten them, so you should know, right”

Cheng Haizhong nodded and praised with a smile, “Yes, Uncle Han, your vegetables are indeed very good.

After eating them, I was shocked and couldnt stop eating them.

Moreover, after my father ate it, his health really improved a lot.

He can eat and sleep well now.”

“Indeed, Brother Hans vegetables are top-notch and good nourishment for the body.” Liu Dequan gave him a thumbs up and praised too.

Cheng Haizhong said in embarrassment, “So, today, I especially came to buy more.

To be honest, my family is expecting me to return with a sack of vegetables.

If I didnt carry out this task, Im afraid Id be sleeping on the street tonight.”

Seeing this, Han Dazhu and Liu Dequan laughed out loud.

After laughing, Han Dazhu instructed Luo Xiujuan, “Pick more vegetables for Cheng.

Its not easy for him to come all the way here.”

Luo Xiujuan agreed and went to pick the vegetables with a smile.

Just as Qin Xi was about to get up to help Luo Xiujuan, Cheng Haizhong stopped her.

“Miss Qin, I have a favor to ask.

I wonder if you can help me.”

Qin Xi paused and sat back down, thinking to herself, Here it comes!

“Uncle Cheng, tell me about it!”

“Last time, you said that you know physiognomy.

Is that true” Cheng Haizhong rubbed his hands and asked expectantly.

Qin Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Uncle Cheng, youve seen it for yourself.

Why are you still asking the obvious”

Cheng Haizhong sighed and took out a photo.

He pushed it to her and asked, “Can you tell anything from just one photo”

Qin Xi took the photo.

In the photo was a young and handsome man.

He was about the same age as Han Shi.

Although the man was dressed plainly, she could tell at a glance that his identity was not simple.

He was born to be rich.


However, between the mans eyebrows, there was a sigh of calamity approaching.

It was undoubtedly harder to read ones face on a photo, so it was not clear as to what that calamity was about.

What could be said for certain was that as long as the calamity was over, his life would be smooth-sailing.

“All I can see is that his identity is not simple, and that hes about to go to jail.

If he isnt helped, Im afraid itll be difficult for him to get out of jail.

As for the rest, I will only know when I see the man.”

Qin Xi said it casually, but as someone who knew the truth, Cheng Haizhong was shocked.

He asked nervously, “Qin Xi, is what you said true”

Not to mention him, even Han Dazhu and Liu Decheng were shocked and in disbelief.

“This, this…” Han Dazhu did not expect Qin Xi to be so capable.

His heart was beating crazily.

Cheng Haizhong had a strong feeling that Qin Xi could help.

He didnt come with much hope, so at this moment, he was extremely excited.

“Miss Qin, do you have a way to help him avoid this calamity” He asked bluntly.

Qin Xi gave a slight shake of her head.

“I cant guarantee that.

The world is moving and everything is in constant change.

If I dont see him, I cant say anything for sure.”

Most importantly, Qin Xi could not touch the Yin energy on the man in the photo.

Only by touching the Yin energy could she trace the cause and effect of the matter from Gods perspective.

Cheng Haizhong stood up excitedly and asked, “Miss Qin, can you go to Yangyuan with me now”


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