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In the evening, at the train station in Yangyuan County.

Qin Xi, Liu Dequan, and Deng Xinhe boarded the green-skinned train.

It was the end of July, so there were many passengers.

The three of them bought hard seats.

However, their seats werent next to each other.

Qin Xi was in the first row of the carriage, while Liu Dequan was two seats behind her.

Deng Xinhe was diagonally opposite Qin Xi.

The three of them were not far from each other, but it was difficult to talk to each other.

Initially, Deng Xinhe wanted to change seats with the person beside Qin Xi, but he refused.

He had no choice but to take out a 50 yuan note and buy the seat for dozens of times the price.

Qin Xi rolled her eyes and thought to herself, What a prodigal!

Of course, she also knew that 50 yuan was nothing Deng Xinhe.

Deng Xinhe got what he wanted.

He sat beside Qin Xi and said with an ingratiating smile, “Master Qin…”

Qin Xi had goosebumps all over her body.

She glared at him angrily.

“Can you talk like normal Also, just call me by my name.

Dont call me that.

I cant take it.”

Deng Xinhe was not angry at all at being retorted.

Qin Xi was the one who could give him a new life now.

How could he disrespect her

He rubbed his hands and smiled obsequiously.

“Um, Qin Xi, I want to ask if you have any protective talismans or evil-warding talismans I want to buy a few.

Name a price.

Im fine with any price…”

Once bitten, twice shy.

Deng Xinhe was afraid that someone would use the same trick on him in the future.

He thought that since Qin Xi was so capable, she must have a way to prevent it.

Qin Xis eyes lit up.

Fine with any price This sounded like a good deal!

It just so happened that her idea required a lot of money.

Now that there was a rich fool who came knocking on her door to offer her money, if she shut the door to him, she would make herself a bigger fool.

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At the thought of this, she grinned at him and stretched out a finger.

“I have what you want, but I need this number!”

Deng Xinhe was overjoyed.

“1,000 Alright, give me 10 talismans! No, 20, is that possible”

Qin Xi looked at her finger and retracted it stiffly.

She was gonna to ask for 100 yuan, but she did not expect this fool to add a 0 to it.

She almost jumped up with joy.

She maintained a calm expression and nodded expressionlessly.


In the countryside in the 1980s, a family with a net worth of 10,000 yuan was considered super rich.

In the entire Shangwan Village, not a single family had 10,000 yuan.

In the surrounding villages, the richest family, Qin Lans husbands family, only had thousands worth of assets.

As for Qin Xi, she was about to advance to the 10,000-yuan level.

The train jerked slightly and a rumbling sound was heard.

The scenery outside the window slowly receded.

There was a long whistle and the train moved off.

In the evening at the end of July, it wouldnt get dark until eight.

At this moment, opposite Qin Xi, a girl around the age of seven with pigtails and patched clothes called herPretty Sister.”

Qin Xi subconsciously looked over and saw the little girl looking at her with her big eyes.

“Whats the matter”

“Pretty Sister, do you have anything to eat I-Im a little hungry!” The little girl blushed and said in a low voice.

Qin Xi smiled.

“Yes, I have steamed buns here.

Do you want some”



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